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I won't take Yes bank as a very women friendly place to work. They hardly recognise the extra effort women put in, in terms of extra hours of work or effort. I was never appreciated for working beyond my working hours. In fact I was the first one to reach office (opening the branch) and mostly the last one leaving (closing the branch). Although my job profile did demand this responsibility, the same applies to the branch manager as well. He never bothered that a female staff is left behind and how will she manage to commute back on home at late hours in the evening.
Also, the other female staff is held back if there's extra work and it's not bothered as to how will they get back home. Frequent meetings are called at random branch office, which commonly end pretty late in the evenings and females are expected to travel back to their places on their own. No-one even calls/texts to enquire if they've reached home safe.
The pros I can hardly count...mainly that they will pay you well, better than your current employer. Rest, the work pressure is as bad as in any other bank. The worse part of it is, bank puts a lot of pressure on theoretical knowledge. For example, they expect you to by heart random interest rates (which are not needed in daily work and can easily be referred to on mail in case there is an enquiry), the bank's mission/vision needs to be byhearted and orally narrated verbatim. The senior management expect the staff to remember such stuff like school kids mug up formulas.
I felt it's a very immature bank in terms of processes and systems. Technology wise extremely poor and processes are lengthy and tedious. All in all, I did not have a great experience working in the bank.
To top it all, the senior staff members have no etiquette to speak with their junior colleagues and often use derogatory terms and resort to blackmailing if the targets aren't met. Highly unprofessional and pitiable working conditions.

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