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08 Sep 2017

1) Work Culture: Overall I would say WNS at that point of time lacked to create a Lively and employee friendly culture. Employees used to feel left out as the managers were least Interested in listening or helping tier 1 employees. For me I would only follow my schedule and was least bother of the surroundings. The management was not able to meet the clients service levels agreement, so even if we were not ready to put in those extra hours we were forced to do so. The pay scale was and is still the lowest as per industry standards. I remember my reason to leave WNS was due do my yearly appraisal, which even after meeting all parameters and my key performance indicators I was offered a hike of Rs 300/-.

2) Employee Safety: Management was committed to provide transport services so a woman employee had no concern with security and safety. Management didn't have any instances of sexual harassment or such complains during my time.

3) Overall review and experience: I will strongly recommend to look for other options before joining WNS. Of lately working as freelance training coordinator, I happen to conduct some sessions in WNS and came to know from the current employees, that they are not satisfied with their jobs. The management has stopped transport services in an attempt to save on cost, which in turn has been a big blow to all their employees. There has been no internal job postings from more then 4 years.

My tenure with WNS was an absolute negative experience as I had no new ways to learn and excel my self. My skills were not considered and there was no next level of support/mentoring coaching to guide me. In all I consider my time with WNS as a labour who would not have the right to ask questions,get support or demand a reasonable remuneration. ']

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