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Cons of being a woman at TFI:
1. Work hours tend to go very long. As a teaching fellow who worked for two years, I put in 16 hours of work on an average work a day. That would be 6 hours of teaching, and the rest being divided among visiting student communities, planning for the next day's work, and meetings that TFI schedules.
As a fellow, you will definitely have individual meetings with your manager, meetings with the rest of your team, city level meetings, and on-job training sessions. Most of these are mandatory, and some of them also happen on weekends.
2. As someone who lived far away from TFI's city office and relied completely on public transport, I felt my safety concerns were unheard. I would often have to travel to and from the office at late night, and when I pointed out this happened frequently, I was told it couldn't be avoided. My manager was willing to work with me and find solutions that would reduce the burden on me, but that needn't be the case always.

3. Informal work ethic. There were no policies regarding child care, maternity, or sexual harassment. Any situation involving these issues, you would have to approach your manager, or the person they're reporting to. Or you would have to rely on the people you immediately work with to understand and help out, since there were no clear guidelines.
Pros of being a woman at TFI:
1. I got to work with an all-female team. While this might not be the case across all schools TFI works at, or all cities they're in, you will most definitely work with a good number of women, from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

2. Work culture is open and accepting. The recruitment process also takes into account these aspects. Once I had received my offer letter to TFI, I had been contacted by several people who worked there at the time, who encouraged open conversations and were willing to listen and respond to queries. This is something I experienced for the rest of my work duration there.

3. TFI will help you with tools you need for your work. They encourage you to plan every aspect of your work, and do provide the training and skills required to do so.

4. Remuneration. As a fellow I received a stipend and HRA, and reimbursements for the expenses towards teaching. Other positions also were well paid.

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