Rajesh Gopinathan

  • Founded

    1st January, 1971

  • Revenue

    500+ billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    Mumbai, India

Anonymous posted a review

07 Sep 2017

pros and cons definitely depend on the project and her boss. As far as my experience, I had only few issues like
* they will try to push us into some project if there is an emergency opening and even if we are looking for some other role. We have to be strong and confident on what kind of project and role we are looking for. Else they will somehow convince us
* there will be lot of internal politics when it comes to appraisal - almost many companies have this.
* getting release from one project is really difficult - again this depends on your boss
Coming to pros
* women related security policies are really good
* not too much of work pressure
* in most of the places they don't compel women associate especially if they have kids to stay back late. They internally swap the people who won't have issues to take up late evening calls.']

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