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Men and Women not treated equally

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It does not promote complete women friendly environment as per providing cabs for women to drop or pick but if in case, you find yourself uncomfortable commuting from work to home, when you stay back at work, they assure a safe arrival on individual level. Either your boss or colleague take care of it.
The cons are
a) There is no consideration for women who come from places far off the workplace, if the project is supposed to be finished on time or on the same day, there is no other reason or excuse that would let you leave on time without getting late. (This is based upon my experience, my department and the lab I worked in. If you belong to a different department, then it might vary)
b) To work in labs and get exposed to chemical fumes, was a big issue to me. Initially I faced some health issues, but gradually we managed to create a safe zone by arranging masks and gloves available everytime.
The pros are:
a) There is no question on the knowledge that you will gain. The R&D centers are infra-structurally eminent, with all the instruments present.
b) You will enjoy working on instruments here and always feel that 8 hours are less to take hold of these instruments, hence wanting to spend more time learning and exploring.
c) All the facilities are being provided here including hygienic food, absolutely clean surroundings, emergency medical facilities during working hours and so on.
d) Your immediate reporting incharge matters a lot, I luckily got an excellent boss. As a matter of fact, everyone sitting on the higher post over there has the best of knowledge and handling skills.
e) They make sure to give little stress busters by indulging employees in weekly activities or on festivals.

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