Alan J. Herrick

  • Founded

    6th October, 1990

  • Revenue

    ?100 to ?500 billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Anonymous posted a review

27 Sep 2017

Pros - 1. Flexible for women 2. Open culture, you just won't feel like you are typically in an office. 3. Very very transparent 4. Reaching out to the boss of bosses is very easy. It gives you an ease to be yourself 5. You can explore a number of opportunities here. And the best part is no one will stop you from learning new skills. In fact you would be encouraged Cons :- 1. Sapient Noida & Bangalore have day care but not Sapient Gurgaon . 2. The way to reach Sapient consumes a lot of time in terms of traffic.']

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