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07 Sep 2017

I would say its only advantage is you will get to learn things here as a fresher. If you're ready to grasp the most out of it then you better have that patience and flexibility in you. Because if they give you a task they expect you to be on top-notch, there is no in between. And you'll never know whats coming next. There is no appreciation of good work. You always have to be prepared for extra working hours here, sometimes we used to end up working until 9 pm. Merchandising department specially gets last moment work which often leads us to stay late for hours or as long as it takes to get the work done. Few rules in that office is quite unnecessary but the staff are used to follow that anyways so that's fine. Sometimes the bosses scream and yell in abusive languages during phone calls that are audible to employees outside too, which I found quite disturbing for office environment.']

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