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Men and Women not treated equally

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You'll get to work on some of the world's biggest brands and learn a lot if you burn the midnight oil regularly, are a self learner and have a lot of patience
IA, Reprise, Ansible come under the same umbrella global parent company of IPG. Since they are in the same building, you'll get to work on projects of these other agencies too. Ex: I was at IA but got to work on Mobile Strategy projects of Ansible, which is a global mobile solutions company
Well-known (but not sure if respected) brand name in the digital advertising market
Good, helpful colleagues if you're good at your work and are also a decent person
Cross-functional learning happens even if you don't want to do it - the work processes are so messed up that you'll tend to work outside your scope of work very often to just get the job done right
Awards - You'll win many of them as IA has been awarded the 'Agency of the year' thrice in a row now and participates in all major award functions
Surprises - in the middle of all the hectic work, there will be jam sessions, people will be dancing, singing, playing football and cricket
Bar nights every Wednesday and parties happen often - celebrations in this place means drinking alcohol till you pass out
You'll make some friends for life in this place
The Media department has it the best in terms of everything here - IA is after all a media agency
The HR department - intolerable, inefficient and downright ridiculous
Salaries are low for the ones below 5 years of work exp
Lethargic seniors, with a few exceptions
Lack of structure and messed up work processes - this has been a result of wrong hiring, HR interference in matters that don't concern them
I kid you not - interns are hired to replace senior staff that leaves - so that doubles the work of those who are still there
Those who like working are exploited no end - there's a sure need to be street smart to survive here
Appraisals get pushed beyond patience-levels. Last year, they were to happen in April, finally the letters were handed out just before Diwali.This year, it seems like the same will be repeated
Many things done in the name of "company policy" are illegal but no one does anything about it. By the way, there's no formal documentation of this "company policy" that the HR and others use conveniently to exploit employees

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