Stuart Thomson Gulliver

  • Founded

    1st January, 1981

  • Revenue

    500+ billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    London, United Kingdom

Anonymous posted a review

08 Sep 2017

HSBC has a no-nonsense approach for any kind of harassment towards a woman at work. Rules are clearly in a woman's favour.
Pros- Big name in banking / financial industry. I can't think of any cons. But from my experience I can say that there is equality within the bank. Once you are an employee you do the work assigned to you. Work pressure is everywhere and one can't play the victim card that being a single mom you will not be willing to work beyond the working hours assigned. In fact working beyond working hours is unfortunately (Probably the CON) ingrained within the whole system, so she has to be prepared for it. Office politics depends on how she would handle it. But yes work pressure will be there and 100% is always expected of you.

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