Stuart Thomson Gulliver

  • Founded

    1st January, 1981

  • Revenue

    500+ billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    London, United Kingdom

Anonymous posted a review

15 Sep 2017

I have had a very good experience working at HSBC.
I had joined in 2005 and had quit in 2009 when I was blessed with a daughter. At that time I used to work only in the night shift. The organization would have offered me a day shift but I choose to leave to look after my child. However I was offered the privilege to rejoin then at the same salary and designation within 3 years of my resignation.
After a year and half I received a call from them offering me the flexibility of a part time option in a day shift and I joined them back in 2010.
Employee friendly
No gender bais
Equal opportunity for learning and development
Performance driven appraisals
Good leave plan
Depending on the process you are in, you might have rotational shifts and may have to work on weekends but you definitely will receive 2 offs during the weekdays.

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