Stuart Thomson Gulliver

  • Founded

    1st January, 1981

  • Revenue

    500+ billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    London, United Kingdom

Anonymous posted a review

08 Sep 2017

During my tenor, almost daily I have spent 10-11 hrs at work. So its tough to work there for sure. Even in back office roles, I am told its crazy. However, there are many HR policies which allow staff to work for limited period such as flexi hours, etc. to pursue their personal interests or fulfill personal responsibilities such as child upbringing etc. Depending upon the option, the payouts would differ i.e payout would be lesser for lesser hours of work. So options are available depending upon the role. Again, all roles might not be eligible for all policies. I see long hours at work as a challenge for women having kids to look after. Infact, in my opinion, for any kind of job in India, it is challenging for a woman who has children. Unless you get into a low paying job.']

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