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To be honest there arnt any at all, it may sound like i am venting but i am not. As an HR seriously cannot seem to find any pros of working there.

* Salary issues- the main problem with this company is that they do not pay salary on time.They pay as late as 2mths due and paying on installments. This is a huge problem when you have bills to pay yourself. The management gives us false dates and commitments but never lives upto them.

*Working environment- Awful, pressure in a bad way that becomes exploitation. They try and cut costs by firing employees and put added work on the existing ones witnout any raise in pay nor compensation. This causes major problems personally and professionally as alot of work has to be taken home. You neither get a reward nor recognition for this.

* The men in Management positions like Ops managers and chane heads do not know how to talk to women employees. The openly crack dirty jokes on the floor in the presence of women, they talk amongst eachother aloud about things which should not b said in office. The CEO himself has zero respect for women, so the managers and subordinates are the same.

* If you put down your resignation and serve the notice period they still dont pay you. People have lost their salaries due to this, at the end of the notice they make some excuse not to pay and if they do they do so after alot of Hassle and months of waiting. Also they do not deposit PF and when we go to apply we are informed that as much as 1yrs PF has not been deposited. Yet we get cut a hefty amount every month.

* No stability- The company and management has not figured out what they want. They try various business modules and fail and hence the employees have to suffer. They have the same excuse thay they are a startup but in truth they are already 3yrs plus old, they should have figured out already. The attrition rate is very high. Infact there may be only like 2 or 3 people who have crossed 1yr in that company and almost all of the pilot batch have left.

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