C Vijayakumar

  • Founded

    11th August, 1996

  • Revenue

    500+ billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Anonymous posted a review

09 Sep 2017

I worked in HCL BSERV for only 7 months. I worked for British telecom as Junior engineer product support. There is 6 months training then you get on production floor. There are 3pm to 1am shifts for My orders department. Almost everyone has this kind of shifts only because it's a UK based client.
Moreover, it's safe to work there there's nothing like that. People are good there. But I don't know the growth perspective of working there. Basically you receive calls from customer and resolve there queries so you only need good listening and speaking skills. Yes you can be a trainer or team leader later on which is a good position to be in.
Salary was also OK as per being my 1st job. That would b mentioned in your joining letter. I've seen very elderly ladies also working there happily. They provide pick and drop services. But they'll pick you about 2 to 3 hours before your punch in time means you'll reach your work place around 1 hour beforehand. So that can be a bit problematic if you live far away. Better to live near by. You can give it a try.']

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