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After I joined Ericsson I was pregnant and was expecting my first baby. So I delivered my baby and my maternity medical expenses was covered by Ericsson, which any company would have covered, as I paid for this medical premium every month. But as a pregnant woman I really did not see any concern or care on they eyes of any of the higher management.
After my baby was born and was 5 months I joined back Ericsson. Meanwhile my husband had to fly to Netherlands from CTS. I just asked for a leave without pay for 3 months so that the baby could be with father. Ericsson rejected that saying, that its better I resign now. When i put down my resignation, as forced to me by my Manager, they asked me to serve 3 months notice period. I was astonished as I did not involved in any projects then after re-joining from my maternity leave and asked if I could get a release early as my husband was flying to Holland and he wanted us to accompany him, as we had a 6 months old baby with us.
To this Ericsson made me pay my 3 months salary almost 1.5 lakhs to get an early release. The logic showed by them was that they already paid my Medical Expenses for my maternity leave and they cannot excuse this money for my early release.
I had followed up for months with Ericsson HR for a refund of this money. But after playing a game with me for 6 months, showing me lots of hopes that the money will be refunded, he just came with a blatant reply that he could not help and I cannot get back my money.
I was not paid my expenses of the Child care etc in the 3-4 months I was with Ericsson , after I joined back from maternity leave.
EGIL is not the place for mothers and expecting women.

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