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The diversity ratio is very less and they do not even work towards increasing the diversity ratio. Its same in all departments and towers, I have managed to complete 4 years with great fight. Even female Leadership members are not supportive overall. Its a predominantly male dominated office where males call the shots. So if you want to grow , you need to have a man behind you. I am a single mother of 1 , 6 year old . The work life balance varies basis of your operational tasks and responsibilities. Ericsson does not have a policy of work from home and they pull that card at their own convenience.
As a practice the remunerations and appraisals for female employees are less when compared to male coworkers on same position with similar or even lesser experience.
Pros : Its a brand name, though it is not the best time to join Ericsson , its struggles and continuous losses are known in market. Good place to wait and watch for other opportunities if you can gel with the male dominated mindset.
Cons: No work from home policy . Work life balance is as per manager discretion . Poor remunerations and appraisals, women treated as secondary income earners. HR and Payroll is vendor/third party based , so no support there as well , they play by rules of line managers. No structure and order when compared to other similar giants , e.g. Dell , HCL , CSC. Most people use the opportunity to wait while searching for a better place. Not what it use to be. Do not join with any rosy pictures or expectations.. there are no fixed PnP favoring the employees.. whatever you want you will have to earn ..often by manipulating your way through many male employees and managers. No retention policy. Its like king and kingdom.. everything is manager discretion..

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