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08 Sep 2017

With regard to current policies at Cognizant(from my sources) ,9hrs is mandated hours of work at office on daily terms and work from home is possible probably negotiated with Project Manager (max 1 day in a week, not very sure, no policy like that). 

Work culture is better organized in product based companies in general with a few exceptions in service based.( Check other companies-Thoughtworks,Dell, GE, Salesforce)

But mainly in service based company, it depends on the client and project that we work with. Also the current stage the project is going through.

If she needs to take more personal time being single mother, my opinion she has to express her concern to HR at the interview and check the expectations with project she is going to be part of. If its a maintenance or enhancements based, could be ok. But if its agile or with other tight deadline based process model,work would be demanding.

And pros and cons working with cognizant, probably it holds value with regard to career growth and exposure. And may be its little better than its peers like Wipro,Infy,TCS.

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