Chuck Robbins

  • Founded

    1st December, 1984

  • Revenue

    500+ billion (INR) per year

  • Employees


  • Headquarters

    San Jose, California, United States

Anonymous posted a review

10 Sep 2017

Cisco is a very women friendly organisation. However, the experience can vary depending upon the reporting manager, role and project. I don't mean to generalize but in my experience, Indian managers have not agreed to work from home as frequently as American managers have. Cisco offers a great remote worker option or work from home option. However, depends on the manager, role and project I suppose.
Pros: Depending on the office, there is creche facility. Also work from home, Cisco assisted accommodations, car loan, an annual free health check up which is good, two dental check ups. Depending on the budget, there are good development opportunities such as certifications, further education, women development programs, etc.
Cons: I think there has been a layoff more or less every year now for few years. Job security can be a concern.
Though I lost my job at Cisco due to layoff, I would love to join back as I found it a great organization to work with - personal learning as well as the benefits.

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