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31 Oct 2017

Although company had their own bus service, I was advised against it due to my complications. I wished to continue working till I could so needed some concession in timings, work from home options etc. But I was given neither of the options saying your role requires you to be present in the office. I also offered to work from an office location near to my house or go work thrice a week from main office and rest of the days from home. But our Talent Management head did not agree to it .
All through the time I was there, and was pregnant, I was constantly harassed by either my team member or my current boss or my ex-boss on updates on small issues which they could not resolve. My ex-boss even thrashed me over a call once saying I had not given a handover to my colleague before leaving, which was totally untrue because while doing so, my current boss was with us. I could have taken this issue with management, but our TM head realized it was not my mistake and apologized to me on her behalf.
I strongly feel such companies which make such hue and cry over best place for women to work, are practically the worst when it comes to implementing those policies.']

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