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07 Sep 2017

Pros for working at Bellhaven Nursing and Rehab are; 1).Great place for graduates to gain their first experience in the field. 2). Friendly and team oriented environment. 3). Employer will work with your schedule if you are in school/have a second job. 4). Payout comes on time. 5). If you go to school to become a nurse and graduate while employed, they will give you a higher paying position if you accept. 6). CNAs have a union to fight for them. 7). Can work doubles if the schedule allows/needs a person to work double shifts.

Cons for working with Bellhaven:
1). You are required to join the Union or you will be taken off the schedule until you join. 2). No Education reimbursement, so if you go to school, you are paying for it yourself. 3). Depending on the shift, you can have very heavy work loads or work under staff some days. 4). You have to buy your first uniform (two payments taken out of your first two checks) then on your one year anniversary, you get a free uniform. However, you will be buying 4-6 uniforms before your anniversary (depending on how often you work) because the fabric wears out fast.
5). They have staff lockers for use, however, it's first come first serve, so you will be out of luck if you bring anything. You will have to leave you items in the car/home if you didn't lock the first empty locker you see.']

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