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08 Sep 2017

1. In my opinion Amex is a very woman friendly company.

2. Pros and Cons would depend on the kind of work she would be doing in case she joins.

Important factors would be :

a) the process - inbound outbound calling or back office work. If its back office or an individual role its better.

b)the shift timing- usually the 7.5 hours is what you are expected to work in a day. But thing to consider would be if its US,UK, Australian or a regular shift. Australian and regular shift are better for a working mum.

c)Transport- are they providing transport facility. Although Amex is not remotely located and there is easy access due to rapid metro, its easier if you get picked and dropped. Daily commuting on your own may make Sakshi tired and less energetic to be able to spend time with her kids.

d)Work Profile- is it a target oriented process or an individual role. Targets are everywhere but in order to achieve them, companies have their measures. This may sometimes get stressful.

Other than these factors with my experience with Amex, i would like to say its a cool place to work with lots of things happening around. The HR policies are great, the insurance offered is also wonderful (don't know if it has changed now). But as compared to the other companies its a great place to work with relaxed environment and ample room for someone to maintain work life balance.']

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