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1. You work as a team - you have your responsibility, but the team is eventually responsible for the work given. So your team could be as good or bad as your contribution to it, but also since it is important for the team to deliver, they'll make the effort to distribute work based on personal strengths than focus on a person's weakness.
2. You get to work with clients and meet visionaries who have changed the way the startup space has evolved in India.
3. You'll get to exercise those grey cells of your much more than just being put to routine tasks. Employees are told to think out of box and beyond what is currently being done as PR in India. You are always told to focus on the bigger picture of how your current task is going to affect the overall brand of the client than just focus on the routine task you are doing.
4. Clients respect and listen to you as the communication expert than just dolling out their expectation on their expectation of PR and how they expect it to be done. This has more to do with the groundwork done by the Founders in their initial meeting with the clients they usually sign. And this was one of my personal favourites. :) That PR is not something that could garner results instantaneous but a result of good and continuous efforts over a period of time is something that most of the clients at Aim High understand.
5. Saturdays are usually a day off! I don't think there are many other agencies in the country that currently run of a five day work schedule.

1. You might end up working long hours and sometimes even during holidays. Since all in the team are fully hands-on on the accounts they handle you might end up working sometimes even when you are on vacation.
2. Documentation - Although there are pros to having these process driven documents, sometimes you might feel like your time is all spent on writing, correcting or creating new templates for documentation. [I don't know if this has changed either]
3. Learning is a continuous process at Aim High - If you are of the ideology that you are set in your knowledge of the industry and how PR works, then Aim High might not be the place for you.

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