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Staying In Depression Is A Choice

Date :30-May-2017
Prerna Puri

I’ll make this a very clear, loud and blunt article to “hammer down the right words” for you. Starting on that note, the phrases and sentences would subtly revolve around “Depression lingered is simply our choice.

I write poetry sometimes and to be inspired, I read many people in real and in virtual. I see we are initially copulated with a tornado of thoughts, all silent and thinking the world would not understand.

Twist comes when we talk about our depressing moments with certain acquaintances and decide to reside our compatibility keys in them. We enjoy sharing that space of pain because we are eventually welcomed by the arms of many rough experiences who you shall hear saying “I know that feeling. Life’s hard.”  

Surprisingly the more I observed, the more I realized we delve in deeper into the mode of depression when we keep talking about it with our “understanding” people who actually are basking the negativity.  Let us precede post one important question followed by a series of subjective questions.

Are there days when you feel extremely low and you come across something that talks exactly as low as you feel? Do you sense familiarity? Do you feel sadder about the reason making you feel that upset? I bet you would be because I do myself too. Why wouldn’t we? We keep thinking about it.

I started inking down my negativity to vent off and I did receive a lot of acceptance for it.( Every heart has been hurt). I could get all the “I can relate to this.”  “You write so apt.” “Life is hard. You read it well.” And etcetera. That helped me get attention I longed for but no peace.

I had to dig deep the negativity because broken hearts are in search for home and kindness. As you cannot pour from an empty cup, I was tired of getting people by indirectly comforting them. With a strike of harsh reality; People would bless you from far but you are sole alone to stand by yourself at the end.  

Depression needs attention and should be looked forward to as a weedy element that should be strongly kicked out. I see many cases where patients of depression even post seeking help and opening up cannot come out positively. There, the choice of taking up the traces of depression is ours.

So how do we take charge?

I personally studied a lot on this and the three most effective keys that I believe we should choose are;

The right people  

Choose people who are positive. People who would show you there is light beyond the dark tunnel or the ones who would explain you that there is a solution to every problem. Many get stuck because they hang out with people who already acquire certain negativity. The negative needs the positive to balance out. It helps. Help the negative only when you are healed completely.

The right words

This is important. You need to speak the right words to keep yourself up. Talking negative to yourself or to the world would only have the same reflected on you and your future. If not anyone else, you shall be your own saviors and words would be your trusted weapons.

The right goal

Make a road map for your day primarily, then a week and consequently for your coming months. Keep yourself productive to feel good. Keep yourself engaged into more activities and less talk shows of your past.  You shall remember, your movement is to kick out the depressing stings and not walk away from it. Walking away would only get the depressing pangs back during your low times.  

Interconnect these points. Choose the wise things and you would know how the entire control on it has been always yours. Staying pinned down by life is your choice and other people honestly would be here for their comfort to lead their own lives. I now believe to lend a strong shoulder to cry on because if you give a stooped one, you both are going down.


Prerna Puri

She is an enthusiastic writer with an engineering background and readily believes every story is extra ordinary"

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