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Our Latest Article : You Can't Afford To Miss

My Home Screams My Style! What About You?

Date :24-Sep-2017
Lola Jutta

A long, tiring day at the office or a fun brunch with friends. No matter what, you want to get back to your favorite corner in the world, HOME!

The whiff of freshly laundered sheets, the cozy feeling of the couch, nothing can beat the comfort of our home. The look and feel of home instantly kick off the happy hormones in me and I am pretty sure, in you too. Am I right or am I right?

I like my space to have that nomadic touch, souvenirs thrown in from here and there. My friend, Suparna Saikia, who is a News Correspondent, has a huge poster of Hello Kitty adorning her bedroom wall. Whereas my other friend, a corporate communications professional, Lumpem Vashum likes to keep it a little messy with random polaroid photos hanging on her wall, outlined by the twinkle lights.  

I thought why not talk to real people about home decor. After interacting with my colleagues about home decor and being pleasantly surprised, I have decided to share with you guys what people like you and me think about decking up their homes.

People, who don’t have a formal education in interior designing, but have designed their homes according to their taste and liking, nonetheless. It sure looks beautiful!

Nirupama Nair, Content Writer

“I’m all about minimalism when it comes to a house. I’ve always wanted my living space to be lively yet classy in some way or another. I believe the more congestion you see, the more it affects your mind. Open spaces invite flow of thoughts and movement, which is a must for me. Good ventilation and streaming sunlight bring out the best in a house (hygienically too).

My husband and I are both pro-minimalism to the extent that we didn’t even buy basic furniture in our last rented space! My bookshelf, the garden which by the way is looked after by my husband, our travel souvenirs and my husband’s collection of cars and bikes. These are some of my favorite picks from the house.

Home decor tip: Make it personal with things that have stayed with you or resonate your thoughts.

It could be pictures, your knick-knacks, vintage furniture. Keep it simple and don’t overdo it. I always try to answer the question - do I need this right now? - before buying things for the house, especially furniture. Most of the times, the answer is no. One of the reasons we don’t have a dining table or a coffee-table. We sit on the floor and eat our food - the old Indian way!

Don’t follow what the previous generation did - hoarding things that have never been used in their lifetime! Do your parents have that one sack of stuff that has stayed with them throughout? I hear you.

home decor tips

Sneha Dadrwal: Product Marketer

"I like my house to basically SCREAM - ME. It is a place which should depict my personality. Be it hobo, monotone, classy  - All I want it to basically be super personalized and each spot should look like a fav attraction. My bedroom is my favourite spot in the home. I tried being minimalistic with my bedroom. Perfect lamps, softest mattress, cushions, enough books! It’s quite the nook.

Home decor tip: Try printing your own posters, paintings and get them framed.  Personalise it, it can make you feel the best.

Much cheaper than actually buying it. There are tons of amazing art that you can download for free.

home decor tips

Sneha with her husband, Jayanth


home decor

Sneha's adorable pooch, Tank.

Monica Majithia, Helpline Counsellor

I like my house looking a certain way mostly because while growing up, my house always looked a certain way. Fresh flowers in every room, impeccably clean and aesthetic with lots of plants and greenery. I just feel more comfortable and rested around aesthetic surroundings.

Maybe it is the touch of OCD in me but disorder and clutter throw me off of balance and creates dissonance.

I am the best thing in my house *giggles* On a serious note my entrance - my little touch of green in a flat, with lots of plants and terracotta and wooden figurines.

Home decor tips: Don’t let anyone ''do'' your home. It should reflect who you are and have what you like.

Never follow trends and customise your furniture if you don’t like what is available in the market. I love wood and glass and a touch of traditional/colonial and follow that even if current trends are around minimalism.

Avoid cluttering. Cleanliness is paramount. I spring clean my home twice a year - before Diwali and after winter ends. And this is actually a top to bottom, inside out cleaning.

Pick signature pieces - carpet, art, cushions, carvings. They need not be expensive - Quirky and fun works. Build your room decor around these instead of clubbing everything together.

Recycle, rearrange and if possible redecorate every couple of years. It creates a fresh vibe and brings new energy.

Make liberal use of plants. They clear the air and mind and bring harmony.

Don’t neglect the bathrooms! They deserve a makeover too. Many creative bursts have come through here.

The love you lavish on your home shows through. It becomes an island of calm and creativity. Your sanctuary!”

Faakirah Irfan, Lawyer

I prefer my house decorated with a lot of photographs, my favorite rug that I've had since childhood. Scented candles and lowlights. With books that changed the course of life and things that I picked from random getaways.

My house acts like a memoir of a life I’ve lived. My study, it's got a view of my dense forest-like looking garden with wooden flooring, paneling, and furniture.

Gives me a feeling of a perfect getaway with my favorite books by my side.

I feel you should let your house decor grow as you grow, it should be lively. It should resonate what you believe in. So, experiment put an antique chair next to a couch or just keep it simple if you are going through that phase.

Home decor tip: Just keep it in sync with what makes you feel at HOME.

I feel too much trying with your home decor makes it into a house, somewhere you’re not comfortable. I mean you should be able to stain your rug with wine and remember the crazy party you had with your friends. A place you don't have to be cautious around "not staining"  "not breaking" "not tearing"!

home decor

Bravo lovelies! You don’t need an interior designer to jazz up your home, and frankly, not everyone cares about the expensive teakwood furniture you are planning to buy. It is your home and your choice so, primp it up the way you want.

We have got more ladies in line who have shared some amazing home decor tips for you and beautiful pictures of their homes too. Do you feel like sharing your piece on home decor? We are all ears. Write in to us at or and share about your home and its story.

Watch this space for more SHEROES sharing their home decor tips.


Lola Jutta

An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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