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SHEROES at UrbanClap - Jayasi Mehar 13 Aug,15

Jayasi Mehar a Computer Science engineer from IIIT Delhi is a coder at UrbanClap. All of 22 Jayasi has two start-ups Backpack and Byld. She also is a RGSoC 2015 fellow student This awesome SHERO tells us about working at UrbanClap and her crazy love for hackathons and building things –

Tell us about yourself

I finished my B-Tech 2 months ago. In my second year I started working on a project which led to being my college's first startup. I have an immense desire of travelling - which I fulfilled by interning at INRIA, a research lab in France, in my third year. I was also one of the founders of Byld - the software development club at our college. We were a bunch of people hacking around things and trying to get more and more people involved in technology. 

 What does a work day look like for you? 

Code - Coffee - Read tech blogs - Coffee - Trying out a new library/gem on the side - Coffee - Code

Hmm, maybe not so much of the coffee.  

How is it working with UrbanClap?

It's really fun! I come from a background where I have been involved in the decision making process in the smallest of things. UrbanClap gives me that freedom and ownership that makes work really interesting. 

Not too many women choose to take up tech. What inspired you to do so? 

I grew up watching Harry Potter movies, only wishing that it was possible to swish a wooden stick and create magic. I got that feeling of awe in middle school when I first wrote code, and things magically started happening on the computer screen. 

From that day, there has been no stopping. Technology leaves me with a sense of wonder and gives me the power to bring to reality what evolves in my mind. 

A message to all SHEROES out there          

The only boundaries or limitations that exist are those which you establish for yourself. Don't let your dreams die because of that small speck of fear in your head - have faith in yourself, and continue to dream big.


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