UrbanClap helps you find right service professionals for activities important to you - be it a yoga instructor, a party planner, wedding photographer or a salon-at-home beauty expert .

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Let's Start Clapping Together 31 Jul,15

Are you looking for a service?

At UrbanClap we’re all about solving your Urban needs in just a Clap! Whether you’re looking for a home repair wizard, a wedding photographer, a yoga teacher, a tax consultant – basically any professional to help you, take a few seconds to tell us and we’ll bring the right professionals to you.

Ok, so what is the problem we’re solving?

Today when we’re looking for help on getting anything done, it’s very tough to find the right professional. Our default reaction is to make awkward calls to friends, family, neighbors. In case they cannot help (which is often), we turn on to searching on google, JustDial, Facebook. This is tough and more often than not, we just give up, like those music lessons I’ve wanted to start for a decade or that doorknob which hasn’t been fixed for months. Other times we get things wrong – so many friends complain about their wedding pictures just because they went with the local studio recommended by chachaji.

We’re here to change all of this– we’re making it ridiculously simple to find and hire best professionals for your need – no phone calls, just a clap. It’s very simple – say you’re looking for a wedding photographer. All you need to do is ‘tell us the details’ and within few hours, we will send you photographers who are matching your needs and are ready to help.

Why should a professional register himself at UrbanClap?

Well, once a professional registers his/her service with us, he/she instantly gains access to multiple benefits. Not only does he/she become visible to a million online customers, he/she also gets the benefit of our targeted marketing techniques so that you only get relevant and real leads.

More importantly, what we ultimately to do, is make lives easier. Whether it is by helping thousands of customer every day or by bringing big business to the UrbanClap community. Also, having access to a service like UrbanClap ensures that no one, especially a woman, has to be bound by household chores or traditional roles and expectations - you’re left free to follow your dreams with UrbanClap available to take care of the remaining tasks for you.

The journey has just started – we’re currently present in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai & Bangalore and will soon expand our reach to more services and cities. We want to touch all your lives – make it more fulfilling by satisfying all the important needs with the ease of a smartphone. Visit our website for more information.

UrbanClap: More business – complete control

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