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Trackmybeat Healthcare (TMB) is an innovative healthcare services company offering a home-based health and wellness management system to monitor and manage the user’s health and significantly improve outcomes.

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Why Order Matters 13 Aug,15

You wake up. What do you do next?

            a.     Pray

            b.     Go to the bathroom

            c.      Brush your teeth

            d.     Take a bath

            e.     Have a glass of water

            f.      Have a cup of tea/coffee

            g.     Check your messages on your phone

            h.     Read the headlines

            i.       Wake someone else up

None of these options are wrong nor will anyone else judge you for choosing any specific from the     list above. But order matters. And we need to figure out what routine works for us.

Think about how unconsciously we follow routines and patterns. We do that for a reason. We either are taught them or we become creatures of habits. Sometimes our bodies do the scheduling for us but at times, we impose our opinions on that too. 

But starting the day right, in the right order for us, can lead to that much more of an effective and healthier day.

At this point you must be asking, how would praying after I read the headlines matter? Or having my cup of tea before going to the bathroom?

Well it does. When we actively choose what in what order we handle our small life decisions, we set the precedent for how we incorporate so many other things into our life.

Many of us don’t need to look far to see elders in our community. We see how loyal they are to their routines - whether its our elderly neighbor not willing to change her prayer time past 8am or grandfather drinking his milk with 7 blanched almonds every day before bedtime, fixed at 10pm sharp. 

The secret to that longevity is just this. The more flexible we are with our time, the farther we get from optimal health. Why?

Our bodies need order. Our systems are able to withstand great variations. Why deliberately add pressure to ourselves – simply because we can? Just because a car drives upto 260km per hour, does that mean we are always going to drive at that speed? Of course we are not. We may be daring and drive above the speed limit on an isolated road but we know driving at the top speed in our car will ultimately increase our risk of a more serious accident and damage to ourselves and the car.

So why don’t we assess that same risk with our daily routines? It’s not an excuse that we don’t have time. Of course we do. We simply need to prioritize it and understand that a set routine provides greater flexibility

with the rest of our time.

So tomorrow morning when you wake up, make each action and decision matter. Create a routine that has purpose and reason. It’s essential to understand why order matters.


The TrackMyBeat Preventive Healthcare Solution

The market need

India has the largest population of non-communicable and chronic diseases (NCD) in the world with over 75 million urban Indians suffering from chronic diseases.  At the same time, the concept of a trusted family doctor, who used to typically manage such diseases, has simply ceased to exist in modern India.

Quality of treatment for chronic patients is poor with:

  • doctors spending only 7-10 min per visit
  • long wait times
  • absence of detailed medical history
  • unnecessary complications, often leading to hospitalization

lifestyle diseases

The TMB Product Offering – healthcare management for chronic patients

TrackMyBeat’s solution can enable a substantial improvement in quality of doctor visit and patient treatment. Opting for TMB’s plan ensures that allusers have ready access to their medical records which they can easily share with their physician. Critical health data is available to users on their personal health dashboard, where they can constantly update the data using the supplied smart devices and monitor their health status. Alerts are generated automatically in order to inform users of possible complications. This approach ensures that not only are diseases and risk factors identified early, but also addressed and monitored for the whole year creating a virtuous cycle leading to the optimum management of an user’s health.

TrackMyBeat’sgoal is to make it possible for its user to lead a healthier life.

  • Option to connect through Bluetooth-enabled ‘smart’ devices: blood pressure monitor, weighing machine, pedometer, and glucometer
  • Measurement is made using the devices (or entering data manually) with only a few clicksthrough a mobile app, which is then uploaded to a central server
  • Health alerts & basic data will be visible to the subscriber or a caregiver / Personal Health Manager /personal doctor through a web based health dashboard or web portal
  • Appropriate action can be taken based on alerts

Product Details

Screening (optional – depending on plan) is offered through reputed healthcare partners, while the monitoring, analysis and interactions are offered by TMB remotely using mHealth tools (wireless enabled diagnostic devices and mobile applications), supported by centralized information technology solutions (with automatic alerting capability) and mobile communications (Voice, SMS, machine to machine communications).


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