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Trackmybeat Healthcare (TMB) is an innovative healthcare services company offering a home-based health and wellness management system to monitor and manage the user’s health and significantly improve outcomes.

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The Test Of Life 19 Aug,15

There seems to be an ongoing technological battle going on for our health. The idea behind the revolution that’s got everyone from Apple to Sony battling it out is our health.

From watches to portable gymnasiums, companies are betting big on us.

But do we deserve the kudos? Sure there is abundant information out there telling us to eat this, not that, exercise more, drink less, etc. But are we actually listening?

There is reason to be skeptical. Many of these same companies are taking advantage of our stress-filled, lazy-inclined attitude – resulting in profits regardless of our ability and strength.

But at the end of the day, to prove a company wrong, are we willing to see ourselves fail?

Just like we make our morning cup of tea (or if lucky, have someone make it for us) or program our televisions to record our favorite serial – we need to monitor ourselves in that same way.

Technology is literally allowing us to not even consciously think about it and is tracking us whether we care or not.

But we should care - if not to fatten the pockets of the creators of the technology, but then to fatten our knowledge about ourselves.

I was recently visiting a patient of mine suffering from hypertension among other things. He would monitor his blood pressure fairly irregularly. Suddenly, one day – his reading was significantly lower than his history. His stable bp numbers had gone amuck.

The reason? He had started taking cinnamon 3 times a day at the recommendation of a natural treatment leaning friend of his.

Rather than consult his doctor, he went ahead with this course. While perhaps a doctor may have said not to take the herb, the results could be deemed effective.

What the doctor may have overlooked is something we could have detected ourselves with better self-monitoring.

At the end of the day, we are in control of our own lives and health. It’s better to be in the driver’s seat rather than put the dependence on our doctors, our loved ones or on technology. But we need to use all of these components as assets that assist us in our overall health and wellbeing.

Let’s focus a bit more on what we can do, we hold the control to our own balance in life and in health.


The TrackMyBeat Preventive Healthcare Solution

The market need

India has the largest population of non-communicable and chronic diseases (NCD) in the world with over 75 million urban Indians suffering from chronic diseases.  At the same time, the concept of a trusted family doctor, who used to typically manage such diseases, has simply ceased to exist in modern India.

Quality of treatment for chronic patients is poor with:

  • doctors spending only 7-10 min per visit
  • long wait times
  • absence of detailed medical history
  • unnecessary complications, often leading to hospitalization

lifestyle diseases

The TMB Product Offering – healthcare management for chronic patients

TrackMyBeat’s solution can enable a substantial improvement in quality of doctor visit and patient treatment. Opting for TMB’s plan ensures that allusers have ready access to their medical records which they can easily share with their physician. Critical health data is available to users on their personal health dashboard, where they can constantly update the data using the supplied smart devices and monitor their health status. Alerts are generated automatically in order to inform users of possible complications. This approach ensures that not only are diseases and risk factors identified early, but also addressed and monitored for the whole year creating a virtuous cycle leading to the optimum management of an user’s health.

TrackMyBeat’sgoal is to make it possible for its user to lead a healthier life.

  • Option to connect through Bluetooth-enabled ‘smart’ devices: blood pressure monitor, weighing machine, pedometer, and glucometer
  • Measurement is made using the devices (or entering data manually) with only a few clicksthrough a mobile app, which is then uploaded to a central server
  • Health alerts & basic data will be visible to the subscriber or a caregiver / Personal Health Manager /personal doctor through a web based health dashboard or web portal
  • Appropriate action can be taken based on alerts

Product Details

Screening (optional – depending on plan) is offered through reputed healthcare partners, while the monitoring, analysis and interactions are offered by TMB remotely using mHealth tools (wireless enabled diagnostic devices and mobile applications), supported by centralized information technology solutions (with automatic alerting capability) and mobile communications (Voice, SMS, machine to machine communications).


Please contact us E-mail: and Phone:  +91 (0)98 7114 8246 or +91 (0)98 7192 8247



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