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Trackmybeat Healthcare (TMB) is an innovative healthcare services company offering a home-based health and wellness management system to monitor and manage the user’s health and significantly improve outcomes.

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The Choices We Make 30 May,15

Many significant life decisions are made as a response to forces beyond our control – where we live, what we consume, when we work, how we travel. Economic needs and social obligations guide most of the choices we make in life, big or small. When you add illness to mix, whether our own or that of our loved one, we see our choices diminish even further.

Many complications cannot be prevented but you might be surprised at how many serious conditions can be avoided by making small, but consistent changes in our lives. One of the major problems affecting our health are lifestyle diseases. And once you get these – hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease – you have them forever. Whether you have one yourself, or are a caregiver to someone affected by one of the diseases, treating such conditions typically costs lots of money and managing them consumes time. Naturally you would need to continue earning to cover the cost but you may also need to cut down your hours to tend to the disease – whether to lower your own stress levels or provide care to a parent or an in-law.

So how can we ensure that our own health and the health of our families does not become a limiting factor when making major life decision – such as where to live, whether to work?

Where we are

Many of us dismiss our health until things get bad but we cannot afford to ignore this issue anymore. With over 75 million of the urban population afflicted, India hosts the largest number of non-communicable, or lifestyle, diseases in the world.  At the same time, the concept of a trusted family doctor, who used to typically manage such diseases, has simply ceased to exist in modern India.

Quality of treatment for chronic patients is poor.

  • Difficult to find a convenient time and you get there only to find a long wait. You often also end up having to take half a day off work.
  • The doctor spends only 7-10 minutes per visit so there is little time to explain the complication fully.
  • Since there is an absence of detailed medical history, many questions are asked repeatedly taking up much of the precious 7-10 minutes.
  • Over medication: many treatments are given and tests are administered in the hope that one will solve the immediate problem.

More alarmingly, even when we know that we should exercise more, lower our stress, eat healthier, we tend to ignore our conscience and get pulled into the tide of negative behavior, which will eventually deteriorate our health. We only address medical issues when they become too big to ignore.

What if we had a tool which helped us take small steps towards better health? What if we could monitor loved ones from the office, or a different city? What if we kept all our medical data on a secure portal to which my own doctors would have access? Which would give me a clear picture of how my activities (or inactivity) and treatment is affecting my blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, test results?

What We Need

Ideally we would want a solution that is centered around ME but which fits within the framework of the existing healthcare system.

  • If we have trusted doctors and clinics, we should not need to switch.
  • All our data should be in one place.
  • This data should be accessible to loved ones far away. I would like to be able to check on my parent’s health status remotely or as a parent, I would like for my son or daughter to have access to my records if necessary.
  • If I take readings/tests regularly, I should be alerted immediately when something abnormal comes up so that I know when to go visit the doctor and don’t end up waiting until it is too late.
  • I also want to know if the treatment I am getting is actually helping me and seek a second opition if necessary.

The TrackMyBeat Preventive Healthcare Solution

The market need

India has the largest population of non-communicable and chronic diseases (NCD) in the world with over 75 million urban Indians suffering from chronic diseases.  At the same time, the concept of a trusted family doctor, who used to typically manage such diseases, has simply ceased to exist in modern India.

Quality of treatment for chronic patients is poor with:

  • doctors spending only 7-10 min per visit
  • long wait times
  • absence of detailed medical history
  • unnecessary complications, often leading to hospitalization

lifestyle diseases

The TMB Product Offering – healthcare management for chronic patients

TrackMyBeat’s solution can enable a substantial improvement in quality of doctor visit and patient treatment. Opting for TMB’s plan ensures that allusers have ready access to their medical records which they can easily share with their physician. Critical health data is available to users on their personal health dashboard, where they can constantly update the data using the supplied smart devices and monitor their health status. Alerts are generated automatically in order to inform users of possible complications. This approach ensures that not only are diseases and risk factors identified early, but also addressed and monitored for the whole year creating a virtuous cycle leading to the optimum management of an user’s health.

TrackMyBeat’sgoal is to make it possible for its user to lead a healthier life.

  • Option to connect through Bluetooth-enabled ‘smart’ devices: blood pressure monitor, weighing machine, pedometer, and glucometer
  • Measurement is made using the devices (or entering data manually) with only a few clicksthrough a mobile app, which is then uploaded to a central server
  • Health alerts & basic data will be visible to the subscriber or a caregiver / Personal Health Manager /personal doctor through a web based health dashboard or web portal
  • Appropriate action can be taken based on alerts

Product Details

Screening (optional – depending on plan) is offered through reputed healthcare partners, while the monitoring, analysis and interactions are offered by TMB remotely using mHealth tools (wireless enabled diagnostic devices and mobile applications), supported by centralized information technology solutions (with automatic alerting capability) and mobile communications (Voice, SMS, machine to machine communications).


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