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SHEROES@Paytm - Smita Rajan 8 Mar,15

Your position

General Manager for Communications

Tell us about yourself

I have worked for 22 years across communication in its various forms: Print, TV, Radio, Advertising, Book publishing, PR, Web content, Mobile content, online promotions and more.

What is work life balance to you?

It's not a 50-50. It has to be 100-100! Only then it balances :)

What does a day at work look for you?

No two days are the same. Mornings are usually more productive for me. But the best ideas come to me late at nights. 

What is the best about working with Paytm? 

Its contagious passion. :)

What has been easiest or most rewarding about the decisions you've made in balancing conflicting demands of work/life/marriage/motherhood?

I wanted to refresh my knowledge of communication technology, laws etc. about 12 year ago through a Masters Degree. Alongside my work, my little son, my housework, and in competition with young people who did not have too many commitments, not only did I go on to complete it, but topped my university!   

What's the greatest joy / benefit that you've experienced?


Paytm is India's best recharge & shopping destination. We started in the field of recharge and did grow with our Paytm marketplace to India's largest m-Commerce platform. In a short span of time Paytm has scaled to nearly 40 million orders a month. Paytm's mobile wallet is India's most trusted digital wallet to recharge & shop online.

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