Ovenderful is a social enterprise - a business with a soul.

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Ovenderful Healthy Baked Recipes series - Now on Kiddy Diaries ! 8 Aug,16

Easy to bake, simple and healthy options are the best for children for snacking :) Go over to Kiddy Diaries where a series of yum Ovenderfulrecipes are being shared !

Here's the first one - Wholewheat Cheddar Cheese Crackers.


Ovenderful is a social enterprise, which means a business with a soul.

Ovenderful is a niche, signature e-bakery which focuses on healthy- inclusive organic bakes that are made with alternative flours and natural sweeteners. These are free of artificial colours and preservatives. There are vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, sugar-free, zero-fat,lactation friendly options as well. 

It is not about fancy cakes for big occasions - Ovenderful is about simplicity, sophistication and wellness. 

It is about classic bakes that celebrated small moments of life - family time is about all about chatting over endless slices of a double chocolate cake, harsh winters are bearable because of a warm apple pie, quiet time with oneself is just about a cup of tea, a great book and a choco chip cookie and catching up with friends meant sharing a lovely Swiss roll or cheese puff ! 

Ovenderful is also about using baking to connect with a larger community purpose - whether it is via fundraiser bake sales for animal rescue and welfares NGOs , through initiatives like "Bake a Sunshine Cake" for spreading happiness with baked goods with the less privileged at old age homes and orphanages, or through Pan-India programs like Ovenderful BakeStreAt program which looks to provide joy and nutrition to street children/children in urban poor settlements through healthy bakes.