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Nischint began with a simple idea: everyone, especially our children, women and elderly should be able to use a mobile device safe from threats and disruptive influence.

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Why Parents Should Ban Smartphones From Their Kids' Bedrooms 13 Oct,15

We strongly advocate the use of Technology in the most responsible manner possible

This is what research has to say

"Waking up at night to use social networking platforms like Snapchat and Instagram was surprisingly common. Twenty-two percent of 12- and 13-year-olds and 23 percent of 14- and 15-year-olds said they "almost always" did so. More than a third said they did at least once a week"

Parents do you too feel the need to schedule usage of your child device. 75% of Nischint subscribed parents block Whatsapp and messenger after 10PM? ?#‎BeNischint ?#‎parentalapp ?#‎childsecurity

 Read more on the study here.

Nischint - The most advanced parental guidance application

Our first product ensures digital monitoring, management and protection of your children in the digital world. Nischint, is designed for all parents who take proactive steps towards their children’s digital safety.

Our features include Application and Time Management, Geo tracking and setting protective zones, social media monitoring, website filtering and many more. See our list of features on

At the stem of this product lies the heart of parents and it’s our endeavour to provide a much safer environment for our next generation


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