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Kraftly is India's first C2C mobile marketplace for unique and hand crafted products, which so far have been available largely offline.

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Kraftpreneurs - Story of Shivi Sharma 13 Apr,16

Tell us something about the store owner - the brain behind the brand?

ANS : The Store Owner, Shivi Sharma(that is me), is a woman in her mid twenties. A Science Post Graduate, based in Delhi, married and with a kid. A Girl with Charm and Energy, a Lady with Class and Poise, working Hard to Grow my business  as early as possible, but not forgetting to enjoy life and family moments. After completing my studies, I am heading my husband's business, which is a 11-year old Printing and Advertising Firm.  

What is so unique about your store?          

ANS: My Store, "Pics And You", is in all sense Unique and Distinctive. The reason behind it being unique is that the idea is conceived by me and my husband. The products that we offer and the ones which are lined up to be started pretty soon, are all Quirky, Impressive and Appealing. Another  thing which distinguishes my store from others is that - We are the Manufacturers and NOT Retailers or Distributors. Thus we are producing what we are selling (obviously using high quality raw materials).

What inspired you to come and start selling online?

ANS: ‘Online', is the word which has shattered the society mainly the youth. ONLINE BAZAAR is the future. A time will come (has already begun in a few places and with few brands), where all the shopping would be done online, virtual shops would be made just to give the display of the products. While selling online one can reach hundreds, thousands and millions of audience and buyers. The various portals doing this job very nicely attracted us to make our products reach many and many customers. So, we started online selling.

How did you come to know about Kraftly?

ANS: My search for decent and popular portals to sell my products made me encounter Kraftly. I got to know about it through social media, wherein its advertisements were posted. And I thought Why Not My Store on Kraftly? So in no time I registered here, did listings and started selling.

How did you come up with the idea of creating your brand?

ANS: My brand, named "Pics And You", as the name suggests is all about Pictures(personal photographs, company/brand logos, abstract images) and You(i.e. my customers). I am working with my husband in our Printing and Advertising Firm running successfully since 2005, in the name of M/S Jagriti Digital Solutions. Here, we offer all sorts of printing solutions. Later, we conceived the idea of starting a new unit wherein we will Give A Twist to Printing, Branding and Advertising, also adding a Zing of Personalization to it. We trademarked a new section in the name of Pics And You, which is now showing a good online response. Our website ( is under construction and will be starting pretty soon. Presently, we are selling High Quality 3M/Vinyl Laptop Skin Decal on various portals, including Kraftly and planning to start with other products like - Mobile Skins/ Covers, Wall Decals, Automobile Decals, Photobooth Placards, Printed T-shirts and Mugs (both pre-designed and personalized), Designer Candles and much more exciting stuff. Pics And You is all about Expression and Impression.

How do you balance Kraftly with your professional and personal life?

ANS: Balancing is the most important thing. A bit of it comes naturally, but the major part depends on Experience, Time Management, Setting up Priorities for that particular time period. My personal Life is going very well. I am living happily with my family, doing everyday chores perfectly, going for vacations from time to time, plus working constantly for my Brand to reach as many as possible and Kraftly is doing a good job in fulfilling my dream. Because of our this association of ours, a day will come, wherein Anything and Everything related to Printing, Branding and Customization will be sold relentlessly and everyone would be aware of a Top Brand named Pics And You.

How was your experience with Kraftly?

ANS: My experience with Kraftly was and is very Delightful. The staff who helped me till now is so Amiable and Affectionate. They helped me through everything, starting from my registration, to listing, to managing orders and buyer concerns, and what not. Kraftly, as a whole is a very nice experience which has become a part of my everyday life. Here, everything is Genuine and Graceful. I would suggest it to many buyers and sellers both.

Any learnings you want to share with other Kraftlypreneurs?

ANS: Yes, definitely, Kraftly, though is in its starting period, but has attained a good rapport amongst t the buyers and seller both. So, without hesitation, one should get involved in the association with Kraftly, trusting its policies and people.

About Kraftly

Think of Eccentricity, Think of Offbeat, Something Homely, a Little Cultured, Sometimes Urban, always fun. Think of Unique.

Think of KRAFTLY

The land of India is indeed rich in its history, cultural heritage and age-old and evergreen tradition of handicrafts. Kraftly is a pursuit by young and thoughtful people to develop a visual martketplaces to share with the world the art and values preserved by India. We believe in uniting artisans, homepreneurs and other small retailers with seekers of craft across the globe, thereby encouraging craftsmen to further strengthen the roots of Indian diversity.

There are over 50M homepreneurs, artisans and flea market sellers that currently have no avenue to sell online except for unorganized channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Further, a large number of consumers have no place to discover such eclectic products except in an offline setting. Kraftly wants to become the one-stop shop to cater to both these audiences.

Currently available options, allow small and hobby sellers to only sell through platforms such as classified listings. However, this doesn’t address the fundamental problem associated with commerce – which is payments and shipping. Kraftly addresses these issues and offers a complete buying and selling experience that truly makes it the first C2C marketplace of India. The app enables any individual, hobby seller or shop owner to create their own branded micro-shop, list products and receive payments on the go – without requiring any paperwork. Kraftly completely manages payments and logistics for each seller thereby allowing the long tail of small and home sellers to go online.

Until now, it was difficult to reach small sellers, but with the explosion of the smartphone market in India, the dynamics are in favor.  For a lot of these sellers, introduction to the Internet has been through the smartphone making it the first medium to get online. The listing process on Kraftly is as simple as adding a picture to Facebook or WhatsApp.

By bringing a large supply of un-standard products online, Kraftly will become a one stop mobile app to shop for unique, quirky and trendy products across categories. Since products are being listed directly by the creator, prices will also be relatively cheaper than what consumers are used to paying. This makes Kraftly a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer.