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Kraftly is India's first C2C mobile marketplace for unique and hand crafted products, which so far have been available largely offline.

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Kraftly - Uniquely Yours 7 Oct,15

Think of eccentricity, think of off- beat, something homely, a little cultured, sometimes urban, always fun.

Think of unique.

Enters Kraftly.

Kraftly brings in battalions of young and thoughtful people to connect on the stop solution platform. A mobile app marketplace positioned in the market, Kraftly, today in all its unusual, whimsical ways is connecting every purveyor to each patron in all permutations. 

Uniquely yours, Kraftly, is a kaleidoscope of versatility in what it presents.

Kraftly looks forward to be branded as the hamlet for vintage, kitschy and unconventional range of products, to bring to you a circle of pencils to selfie sticks, and scrunches to gramophone, even zany collages to outlandish art. Featuring around 3000 eclectic and assorted ‘krantlypreneurs’, Team Kraftly aims to be the most ‘looked-forward to’ unique lifestyle.

A balanced diet of ‘Made in India’ culture with the spice of exuberance brewed in your tacky-wacky simplicity, Kraftly lines you in for handcrafted shopping experience.

Kraftly: Uniquely Yours.

What: A C2C mobile app marketplace.

Focus:  Buy and sell anything. Cross community (seller/buyer) interaction.

Insight:  To enable sellers across verticals.  To bring to the buyers everything unique under the sky and to their doorstep.

Mechanisms: The idea is to Click, Upload & Sell. Sellers simply list their products via mobile for free. A complete solution is offered, including secure payment options and easy shipping.

Aspiration:  Kraftly aims to tie up and partner with exhibitions pan India with a goal to give these sellers a platform to not only sell online, but have a year round online exhibition. Kraftly is a platform to let buyers and sellers interact with one another.  At Kraftly, we hope to tap into resources and grow to be India’s largest online flea exhibition.


About Kraftly

Think of Eccentricity, Think of Offbeat, Something Homely, a Little Cultured, Sometimes Urban, always fun. Think of Unique.

Think of KRAFTLY

The land of India is indeed rich in its history, cultural heritage and age-old and evergreen tradition of handicrafts. Kraftly is a pursuit by young and thoughtful people to develop a visual martketplaces to share with the world the art and values preserved by India. We believe in uniting artisans, homepreneurs and other small retailers with seekers of craft across the globe, thereby encouraging craftsmen to further strengthen the roots of Indian diversity.

There are over 50M homepreneurs, artisans and flea market sellers that currently have no avenue to sell online except for unorganized channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Further, a large number of consumers have no place to discover such eclectic products except in an offline setting. Kraftly wants to become the one-stop shop to cater to both these audiences.

Currently available options, allow small and hobby sellers to only sell through platforms such as classified listings. However, this doesn’t address the fundamental problem associated with commerce – which is payments and shipping. Kraftly addresses these issues and offers a complete buying and selling experience that truly makes it the first C2C marketplace of India. The app enables any individual, hobby seller or shop owner to create their own branded micro-shop, list products and receive payments on the go – without requiring any paperwork. Kraftly completely manages payments and logistics for each seller thereby allowing the long tail of small and home sellers to go online.

Until now, it was difficult to reach small sellers, but with the explosion of the smartphone market in India, the dynamics are in favor.  For a lot of these sellers, introduction to the Internet has been through the smartphone making it the first medium to get online. The listing process on Kraftly is as simple as adding a picture to Facebook or WhatsApp.

By bringing a large supply of un-standard products online, Kraftly will become a one stop mobile app to shop for unique, quirky and trendy products across categories. Since products are being listed directly by the creator, prices will also be relatively cheaper than what consumers are used to paying. This makes Kraftly a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer.