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Women Make Digital India- promptly raising their hand at opportunities! 20 Nov,15

A woman in power not only empowers herself, she takes the initiative to empower the entire community. It is all about staying focused on your goals. As they say, when you want something badly enough, the universe spontaneously conspires to achieve it.

The key learning here is to not be disheartened by the tyranny of the situation but to embrace the power of a dream. In the day and age of digitalisation that is teeming with possibilities, India has come across remarkable stories. Women are tapping the online and digital forums with their creativity to grow start-up businesses. Read on to know more about trend-setting women in pace with a digital India…

Power Woman #1- The youngest Director of Engineering at Silicon Graphics in the year 2000, Kirthiga Reddy today is the Director, Online Operations, and Head, Facebook India. With a rich experience base she promotes creativity and the creation of novel choices. Like a true shero dedicated to her career, she would take her new-born daughter everywhere while travelling for work in her initial years.

Power Woman #2- Her thoughts about people, technology and running a company have touched the hearts and minds of millions. Rashmi Sinha, ranked number# 8 on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs 2012 is the CEO of SlideShare, a site for professionals to share presentations in the digital world. Since its launch, more than 9 million presentations have been uploaded on the website. A power woman with an enterprising mind, Sinha believes in start-ups and doing things her own way.

Power Woman #3- With the vision of converting conversations about diversity into a plan of action, Sairee Chahal worked towards her passion. Her innovative mind has enabled over 3,00,000 women in India to reach their true potential. She has co-founded Fleximoms, which delivers flexible job opportunities to aspiring women. In January 2014, she co-founded, a resourceful website that is growing into a community of women mentors and seekers. Career-oriented women seeking professional help can reach out to experts via the digital forum.

One of the world’s most powerful women, Indra Nooyi spoke about how a woman’s biological clock and career clock are always in conflict; striking a chord with those managing their work-life balance. Yet, she has played a vital role in steering PepsiCo towards a healthier portfolio of brands.

The common thread that binds all women leaders is the perfect equilibrium their focus and their fearlessness in pursuing their dreams.


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