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Own Your Workspace with KAARYAH’s Be A Boss Collection 26 Sep,15

With its latest, much lauded, Be a Boss Collection,  KAARYAH, an online brand of women’s non-casual wear, successfully answers a stylish Indian career woman’s prayers.

Celebrating the uniqueness of women, Indiawide.

Indian women come in myriad, beautiful shapes and sizes. Nidhi Agarwal, Founder-CEO of KAARYAH chose to celebrate this diversity by creating fashionable, non-casual clothing in not your regular 6 but 18 different sizes, so each woman could find their perfect, most flattering fit for work.

How KAARYAH steps up the game several notches with Be a Boss.

KAARYAH’s latest collection, aptly titled “Be a Boss” caters to successful women leaders of today and the future. It comprises a wide range of office wear that exude boldness, yet preserve the elegance of the woman wearing it. Be it a casual work place or a conservative one, an outfit for work must command a level of refinement. The Be a Boss collection incorporates this gracefully, making KAARYAH your ultimate online shopping destination for chic formal wear.

Be a Boss is an amalgamation of well-tailored fits and soft, feminine silhouettes that make a statement, subtly.  Its aim is to get you weekday ready without waging war on your wardrobe. The highlight of the collection is its monochromatic pieces with crisp cuts and comfortable yet flattering fits. Created for women that want to add edge to their style, the outfits give an aura of both power and passion.

The collection consists of formal jackets, office wear jumpsuits and everything in between. They come in minimalist yet strong colours  like midnight blue, marsala and coffee. A striking element of the collection are geometric prints that add pizzazz to your daily staples, without making you look like you’re trying too hard.

How to Rule this Collection.

The theme of Be a Boss is inspired by the evergreen French principle; blend in, while maintaining your individuality. Create your own ensemble, depending on your mood and style.

If you believe that less is more, stick to basic outfits like the monochrome, relaxed shirts and well fitted trousers. Formal shirts come in various cuts and styles. Sometimes, it is the well fitted, dressed down outfits that make an impact.

You may also opt for a jumpsuit for a relaxed yet formal look. If you are in a more creative mood, layer up with the help of one of the coats or blazers from the wide range of jackets. These classic pieces are bound to turn heads in the workplace.

The key to working the quirky work look is by picking a trend and playing around it to suit your own style. For a little twist, incorporate a few prints such as hounds tooth, stripes or polka dots with the help of a tie or a scarf. Or add a touch of bling with a classic studded belt or watch.

Style Inspirations.

The collection aims at subtly reiterating who the real boss is. This look is regularly seen being sported by Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook. Her no-nonsense look coupled with minimalist accessories and make-up has set a new trend for all working women across the globe.

Parting Wisdom.

Your style statement gives people an insight into your personality; so embrace your individuality and display your confidence with this new collection by KAARYAH. 

We believe ...Fits that Flatter.

That's why at KAARYAH, we have set out to partner with you, to offer wardrobe solutions that help discover your perfect fit and what's right for You.

Presenting our feminine, functional & fashion forward wardrobe solutions for The Indian Women. We understand how unique you are, one size cannot fit all and that's why we are the first to offer you 18 sizes, at your doorstep!

We fiercely believe that we, women, are so much at once, yet essentially just us; out there to Balance, Influence and Wow the World around us.

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Nidhi Agarwal