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KAARYAH turns spotlight on Men 18 Mar,16

'Moody', 'Obsessive', 'Controlling'! This is what men had to say when KAARYAH turned the spotlight on them and quizzed about the most inspiring woman in their life. Watch the video to find out what makes these women perfect despite their imperfections! 


We believe ...Fits that Flatter.

That's why at KAARYAH, we have set out to partner with you, to offer wardrobe solutions that help discover your perfect fit and what's right for You.

Presenting our feminine, functional & fashion forward wardrobe solutions for The Indian Women. We understand how unique you are, one size cannot fit all and that's why we are the first to offer you 18 sizes, at your doorstep!

We fiercely believe that we, women, are so much at once, yet essentially just us; out there to Balance, Influence and Wow the World around us.

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Nidhi Agarwal
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