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6 Fashion Tips that Can Help You Crack that All-Important Interview 13 Oct,15

Comfort First

An interview is a process where the employer learns about you and a good interviewer will see right through you. Do not wear something that you are not comfortable with on a daily basis. If heels are not your thing on a daily basis, then think of a more comfortable alternative like wedges. Dress to impress, but do it with comfort and style.

Pay Attention to Detail

The night before the interview, lay out your entire outfit in front of you and ensure that there are no stains or creases. Take steps to make sure that everything is in tune with today’s fashion. The smell of success is scent-free. Someone in the interview may be allergic to a particular smell so avoid strong perfume. In case you are wearing a shirt, button it up and tuck it in.

Dress FOR the Job

Keep in mind the position you are being interviewed for. If you are breaking into the fashion industry, try a bold outfit tailored to your style statement. If you are applying for a corporate job, tone down on your colours. Invest in a formal blazer. You have a little more discretion in that area if you are being interviewed for a creative based job. You can afford to add a little colour.

Appear Professional

You want to be taken seriously on your interview so take steps to ensure that you are not wearing something too tight or unflattering. Wear skirts that are till the knee. If you are confused about the length of the skirt, a safe option is well fitted office trousers. Be well groomed and make a lasting impression with neat hair and freshly manicured nails.

Explore and Experiment

An interview outfit does not necessarily mean a boring one. A dash of excitement can be induced into your outfit with different prints like stripes and a bit of floral. It is not necessary to stick to darker colours. Pastel shades look vibrant yet subtle. Try to stick to shades of a single colour. Your outfit should be confident without being the focus of attention.

Accessorize Without Going Overboard

When it comes to makeup and accessories for an interview, less is more.  As the great Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Invaluable fashion advice, especially when dressing for an interview. Wear something subtle like a minimalist gold chain or bracelet. Consider making use of a slim belt in order to ensure that your outfit is not loose or sloppy. You might consider carrying a large bag to keep your portfolio. Carryingone in a neutral colour such as beige or brown always works.

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