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Do You Have a 2 in 1? You Should! 21 Oct,15

I always love this time of year. The holiday season is just ahead of us, and that means we start seeing all sorts of exciting, new innovation in PCs. But this year is even more exciting. Why? We’ve seen tremendous momentum with Intel’s best processor ever, 6th Generation Intel® Core™Windows® 10, and the beautiful new devices announced by our partners, particularly 2 in 1s. In these last three months, you will see even more innovation as new systems hit the shelves in time for the holiday shopping season.

New 2 in 1 devices powered by 6th Gen Intel Core processors, are at the heart of some amazing new computing experiences. Our research shows that more than 50 percent of buyers who initially considered purchasing a tablet ended up buying a 2 in 1 instead. And according to research company IDC, last year 2 in 1s were the second fastest growing mobile category (smartphones, tablets, 2in1s, portable PCs, phablets) next to phablets1. But what is all the fuss really about? These devices deliver on their promise, the promise of two devices for the price of one.

The new 6th Gen Intel Core processor inside your 2 in 1 gives you the power to experience your device like never before. Count on amazing battery life—more than enough to switch from work to play and back again. And again. Premium performance includes lightning-fast high-speed connection options, immersive graphics, stunning 4K display and video, the ability to share screens wirelessly, and Intel® RealSense™ technology. Add in the ability to make the most of Windows 10, and the 6th Gen Core processor takes your experience to the next level. Thin, light, with the full performance of a laptop, plus the fun of a tablet and long-lasting power.

Microsoft just introduced their new Surface products. We are proud that both are powered by our 6th Gen Intel Core processors. The new Microsoft Surface Book is a fantastic example of what is possible with 2 in 1s by bringing together the best of a notebook with the best of a tablet. The Surface Book was built to be a powerhouse and boasts up to 12 hours of video playback2. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a beautifully thin, powerful and quiet 2 in 1 that has up to 9 hours of battery life3. We are also excited that Microsoft improved the precision and responsiveness of the touch and stylus experience utilizing 6th Gen Core’s integrated touch controller, Intel® Precise Touch Technology. Both of these new devices run the full version of Windows 10, giving them access to all of their existing applications including the full Microsoft Office suite, the content creation power and flexibility of the full Adobe Creative suite, and access to the thousands of other software programs and applications available on Windows. Intel-based 2 in 1s enable multi-window, multi-desktop, multi-monitor support, flexible multitasking, and a vast accessories ecosystem…everything they need and want from their device.

HP also unveiled some great new devices powered by 6th Gen Intel Core processors, including a new version of their popular HP Spectre x360 and the all-new new HP Spectre x2. The HP Spectre x360 is a sleek 2 in1 with the power and performance of a premium notebook and has a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7 option. Featuring 6th Gen Intel Core m processors, the Spectre x2 is the thinnest 2 in 1 HP has ever made, combining the thin and light design of a tablet to be ultra-mobile while still delivering the productivity of a full Windows 10 notebook, giving people the best of both worlds. Thanks to Intel Core m, it is also fanless which allows it to run cool and quiet while still delivering great performance and battery life. The Spectre x2 has the new world-facing Intel RealSense Camera R200 integrated into the back of the detachable screen, providing depth-enabled photography and 3D scanning. We are excited to see how people take advantage of that feature!

It is going to be a fun last three months of 2015 as new 2 in 1s hit the market, and we are excited to see where we go from here.


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