A fully diverse and inclusive workplace is fundamental to our ability to innovate and deliver business results.

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Come be happy at Intel 10 Nov,15

Earlier this year, CareerBliss created a list of the 50 happiest companies in America.To determine which companies made the grade, CareerBliss reviewed thousands of company reviews from visitors to its website--grading such things as work-life balance, relationship with boss and co-workers, work environment, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, and more.

Says Heidi Golledge, CareerBliss CEO and chief happiness officer, "This year we saw a surge of STEM-related companies [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] ranking in the top 10. As we evaluate the factors that impact happiness, such as growth opportunity and company culture, it is also important to understand what type of industries are creating happier work environments overall."

Expert Market reviewed these findings and noticed some interesting trends:

26 of the 50 happiest companies in the U.S. are based in California

14 percent of the 50 happiest companies have female CEOs

The average salary for those working in the 50 happiest companies is $67,200

Here, then, are the 50 happiest companies in the U.S. Did your company make the list?

1. Johnson & Johnson

2. Broadcom

3. Chevron

4. Texas Instruments

5. McAfee

6. Google

7. Intuit

8. Adobe

9. Amgen

10. SAP AG

11. Fidelity Investments

12. Qualcomm

13. Advanced Micro Devices

14. FedEx

15. Visa

16. Farmers Insurance

17. Intel

18. DirecTV

19. Wellpoint (Anthem)

20. Bank of America

21. Microsoft

22. Medtronic

23. Accenture

24. Flextronics

25. Chrysler

26. PepsiCo

27. NetApp

28. Honeywell

29. Nationwide Insurance

30. NBCUniversal

31. Sabre Holdings

32. Thomson Reuters

33. Walt Disney Company

34. Abbott Laboratories

35. Union Bank

36. Yahoo

37. Citibank 38. Nokia

39. Kaiser Permanente

40. Boeing

41. Cisco Systems

42. Ford Motor

43. Parker Hannifin

44. Juniper Networks

45. Caterpillar

46. General Dynamics

47. Oracle

48. eBay

49. PayPal

50. Apple


About Intel India

Intel is a worldwide leader in computing innovation. It has over 25 years of presence in India with sustained commitment. With >6,000 employees in India, the best and the brightest collaborate with purpose.

Being a critical engineering center , Intel India has developed rich competencies in CPU, System-on-a chip, platform, software and graphics. It has been be enabling leadership products for Intel including Skylake, Intel® Edison, Anniedale and Broadwell-DE. In a country with 1.2 billion people, Intel India is blessed
with big opportunity to serve the computing needs of this growing market and with more and more. Made in India products and programs, Intel India will continue to showcase it’s computing prowess and leadership to the world.

Strong Innovation Focus

Innovation is in our DNA and today we're pushing it further and faster than ever before. Our software engineers are innovating throughout the entire software eco-system – from firmware to driver to middleware and application, with a goal of catalyzing a truly digital world and delivering amazing
computing experiences across a host of smart and connected devices . Over 24,000 patents Intel-wide says we know how to break a boundary or two.

Work with the Smartest People

At Intel, we strive to ignite imaginations and enable positive change, making people’s lives better and more interesting. Our teams are full of bold, brilliant innovators with a hunger to compete, and the tenacity to come out ahead. Here, what we share is a passion for the future. And the smarts to make
it better. Want proof? Our aspiring homegrown leaders will tell you all!

Create Your Own Career

The career opportunities within Intel are exploding . With the exciting opportunities to change roles, follow a managerial or technical path, extended education, trainings , as well as mentorship programs that provide a structured process and platform for our employees to connect, grow, and create lasting relationships by sharing knowledge and experiences , you have the power to shape your ideal career in Intel’s international working environment.

Intel is a Great Place to Work

Intel is committed to helping you be successful on and off the job by providing great benefits like health for life program, sports facilities, hobby clubs, fitness centers & flexi-time along with a competitive salary. Our Work/Life Effectiveness programs provide you a variety of tools and work environment solutions to reduce barriers to your effectiveness caused by work and personal life challenges.

Investment in education, caring for the environment, creating a better life for everyone. It's all part of the job. See a need in the community, and we’ll encourage you. Your desire to do good is all goodwith us!

INTEL INDIA RANKED # 2 in ‘India’s Best Companies to Work For’ Survey for 2014 – in Top 3 - 6 years in a row

Plug into a rewarding career at www.intel.com/jobs

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