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Why Life Coaching?
14 Oct,16

As Human Beings, we keep going through an ongoing stream of dilemmas in life.

Why Life Coaching?
4 Oct,16

As Human Beings, we keep going through an ongoing stream of dilemmas in life.

Transform from Broken to Newly Whole
3 Oct,16

In the 15th century, when the favorite tea-bowl of the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa broke, he sent it to China for repair.

Life Coaching & Feng Shui Consultancy Worldwide

FIFTH ELEMENT is a professional organization, providing services in a very niche field.

Our main services are:

  • LIFE COACHING; Leadership Coaching; Mentoring; and Couple Coaching
  • FENG SHUI CONSULTANCY for Residential and Commercial Premises.


What makes our LIFE COACHING unique is the simplistic methodology, melding Scientific Laws with the Laws of Nature and applying it effectively. This activates the incredible powerhouse within each human being, to unveil the leader within, thereby empowering them to lead a life of their choice, manifesting all that they desire. 

We believe that every human being is unique and perfect wherever they are in life. Yet one commonality is that we all are somewhere seeking to live a better life. The roller coaster of life often takes us through experiences and situations that may seem challenging. By addressing them with the guidance of an expert, you go beyond yourself, and evolve in the process.

FENG SHUI CONSULTANCY involves working with Residential  areas well as Commercial premises, and enhancing the energy flow, thereby setting the scenario for wonderful opportunities and prosperity in all areas of life. These areas could be as diverse as Career, Knowledge and Wisdom, Family growth, Money and Prosperity, Fame and Festivity, Marriage and Partnering, Children and Creativity, Blessings and Benevolence, Family togetherness and Health.

The methodology used here is an amalgam of Cosmic Laws, Ecology, Science, Intuition, Design and Common sense.

Several companies listed in Fortune 500 across Asia, US, and Europe have been incorporating the services of Feng Shui Consultants for enhancement of their business.

We focus on taking professional help to design our wardrobe, hairstyles, diet plans. How many of us think of going to a professional to help design our passion of life, and LIFE ITSELF? 

Remember opportunities don’t happen, YOU create them.

All our services are provided globally through video calls.