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Best Deal TV is India’s first celebrity-driven 24/7 Home-shopping channel.

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Business vision for DCA 22 Nov,15

Best Deal TV’s vision is to empower every woman in India with an opportunity to be financially independent. Hence with our initiative we have put a minimal registration fee of Rs. 10,000 to be a part of the DCA initiative and become our core Direct Channel Agent .Post becoming a DCA agent, they have huge opportunities to earn in lacs as they progress.

As a brand, our Chairperson wants to extend this opportunity since she has a vision to see the change in the women of India. We want to expand the growth opportunity for every woman and make them their own BOSS!

Click here to be Direct Channel Agent. 

“Aspirations made Affordable” - with Best Deal TV

Best Deal TV is India’s first celebrity driven 24/7 Home shopping channel. We specialize in the sale of consumer products via innovative and immersive on screen experiences.

Our unique business model combines a robust multi-channel sales platform with a creative and expansive marketing strategy which effectively utilizes the reach and potential of well known Indian Celebrities. Best Deal TV has a premium positioning as compared to the other channels because of the quality of programming and effective prices. Our product catalogue is global and we source successful product concepts from all over the world. Best deal TV lives up to its motto “Aspirations made Affordable”.

The Company is promoted by Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

Best Deal TV lives up to its motto – “Aspirations made Affordable”.

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