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Aanya Admarks

A yearly subscription of Educational Bookmarks for your kids.

web : Aanya Admarks

location : Mangalore


Bookmarks for Month One For Grade 1 to 5
16 Aug,16

For the first month we start with 12 bookmarks with the Alphabets and some fun riddles like help Dolu find her home.

Educational Bookmarks for your Kids to make learning easy and receptive

Are you a Mom? And, like me do you also want that your kid should know what is the difference between a Glacier & Iceberg or what is the meaning of the different road signs or what is the difference between Oligarchy and Monarchy? Then, you can get knowledge delivered at your doorstep each month by a yearly subscription of Rs. 2000.

After subscription you just relax as for 12 months we will deliver Educational Bookmarks at your doorstep for your kid.

A gift each month for your kid to keep in his/her book will remind your kid how important some basics are in life that he/she was missing in the school curriculum.

So, just Subscribe for 12 months and enjoy your cute little bookmarks wth your little ones. Because as they say "Maa ke liye baccha hamesha chhota hi rehta hai"

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