You Must Watch This Ad If You’re Working With An Expecting Mother

Published on 7 May 2017 . 3 min read

Mother’s Day is exactly a week away and with all the big brands churning out content around the theme are going to choke you with “Love your mother” drive.

Personally, I don’t have anything against such celebratory days. Although it would really be nice to see glorification and the changing of ground reality, go hand in hand.

New mothers have to take care of their babies and that really shouldn’t be a deciding factor on whether that woman is capable enough to take charge of her career again or not.  

Recently, a leading brand steered back our attention to this area. How we can do our bit in making an expecting mother feel at ease at her workplace.

After all we spend most of our lives slogging out in our offices. A place where we spend half of our lives time and energy, weave bitter-sweet memories, learn and unlearn so many tricks of the trade, and so much more. Why not make them more accessible and comfortable for our pregnant employees.

This brand in question has recently released its new advertising campaign ‘Your second home’, urging corporates to pause and reset their work decorum to accommodate expecting mothers' needs.

The onus lies on our corporates to behave responsibly and let a pregnant woman grow at her pace, keep supporting her participation as long as she is fit to do so.

Since ages women have been advised to not step out and take extra care to ensure their safety and health alongwith that of the newborn. But we have not been taught to make situations easier for our pregger friends.

How to make them feel less at disadvantage and more special. No, you can’t make a pregnant woman feel special by asking her to quit her job.

Even if she does quit it, that doesn’t mean she has bowed out of the work field for good. We have to stop making assumptions on behalf of any women. Let them think, speak and decide for themselves. And, if you can make them feel comfortable and welcome in the process, that would boost her confidence manifold.  

Just the fact that working when  heavily pregnant (the last trimester) the hormones go on a wild party; it is challenging but not impossible and something which can’t be done.

When we are shifting so much in terms of adopting new work culture, why not adopt a new approach towards our expecting employees?



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