Workplace Vexes and How to Handle Them

Last updated 23 May 2014 . 2 min read

You have a job you love but can’t seem to handle the office politics? Welcome to the vortex of “nasty workplace issues”, a reality you can’t neither run away from nor shove under the carpet. Power and influence management will always be a part of your career. Acknowledge that and get smart about how to handle things. We offer a few fixes:

Lateness or absenteeism: How does one deal with chronic lateness or a co-worker’s regular absence? For starters, stop it before it becomes chronic. Call the worker and let him/her know you noticed. In case you noticed after it became chronic, speak to the worker one-on-one and find out the reason for his/her behaviour. Chronic lateness or absenteeism is often a sign of a serious personal issue so be careful not to pull the riot act. Things are best settled amiably.

Rude/bitchy co-worker: So you have one of those really evil co-workers who seems to be on a mission to ruin you? Try killing him/her with kindness. If that doesn’t work, approach them and let them know how their behaviour is affecting your work. Doesn’t work either? If the co-worker’s behaviour is unacceptable, it’s important to stand up to the person. Be assertive.

Boss from hell: If your boss makes the Devil wears Prada situation look like a fairytale, our sympathies. However, no matter how bad the boss, quitting the job you love is not an excuse. If the boss is a slacker, use his/her laziness as a way to advance your own career. Ask if you can take the lead on a few projects; chances are they won’t mind relinquishing the extra work and you’ll be fattening up your bio-data for future job opportunities. If the boss is high on ego, try not to feed it. Stay neutral.

All said and done, what will really count at the end of the day is how good you are at your job and how valuable you are to the company. Be sincere and maintain a neat track record. Let your work speak for yourself and you may soon find yourself steering clear from that nasty whirlwind of office problems.

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