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2 Sep 2017 . 7 Min read

Top 7 Work From Home Jobs And How To Prep For Them

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Until just 10 years ago, work-from-home was unheard of. Even five years ago, it sounded ‘scammy’ and ‘iffy’. Even today, our most frequently asked question is ‘Is it fake?’ or ‘Is this real?

Not surprising, since people conjure up visions of working leisurely and getting a steady cash flow. No wonder then that it becomes the preferred prowling ground for scamsters. Some earlier favourites include check-cashing schemes and mystery shopping, as well as the ever-enduring data entry.

Fast forward to 2016 and the present day: The scammy jobs are still there, but technological advances and the advent of social media have ensured a boost in the quality and status of the work-from-home force. Most at-home jobs require some good basic skills and a can-do attitude.

Here’s our list of work-from-home employment opportunities in varied areas:

1. Content Writer

More than ever, writers are needed now to create content and come up with creative ideas to fill the pages of nearly every site on the internet. A number of websites outsource their content and hire freelance writers and content creators. From writing blogs to producing website content, the options are good and varied.

What does it take?

Some writing experience is definitely helpful, but what you really require is good grammatical skills, the ability to express yourself, originality and a unique take on the mundane and the ordinary. Most successful content writers are also good social media managers nowadays.

Do add links to your work in your profile/resume and if you don’t have any, start by writing a blog everyday and try contributing articles. You can also look at internships/volunteering roles to grow on the job. 

2. Customer Service Associate

Many businesses need employees who can assist customers, answer calls at different hours, process orders and track deliveries. With more businesses operating online, a large number of jobs are opening up for customer service associates who can work from home.

What does it take?

Being an at-home customer service representative requires strict adherence to time, good communication skills, a courteous disposition and may require good research skills. Experience in customer service and a background in retail sales helps.

Most of the work-from-home force is unaware of this option. Nevertheless, it is one of the top work-from-home choices. The catch is that most applicants are unaware of the skills required. 

3. Data Typing

Offline typing jobs are perfect for the part-time worker with few or no special skills. This includes MS word typing, and frequently involves copy-paste work along with typing. It may include writing articles, filling forms and typing out CAPTCHAs. Follow the instructions and you can get paid for every page you type in MS Word.

What does it take?

Basic computer skills, familiarity with MS Word, typing skills and good typing speed. SHEROES curates and verifies all jobs posted under our ‘Jobs’ tab. Keeping in view the scams lurking in this space, we have limited the number of jobs though.  

4. Data Entry

There’s no getting away from this one! On a serious note, a wide range of businesses , including international companies, need workers to enter various data into their systems - whether to track inventory and shipments, create business plans or add measures of performance, etc.

What does it take?

Basic knowledge of the computer and good typing skills are most important, as is vigilance on the job. It remains on the most wanted list of jobs and also, one that requires cautious steps, given its high susceptibility towards scams.

5. Professional Teachers

There's a growing demand for teachers in all subjects - especially core subjects like languages, mathematics, history and science - both at school and college levels. Instead of standing in a classroom, you'll teach via Skype or in a pre-recorded session. This is a great option for teachers who are unable to adhere to typical school schedules and for those who have a flair for teaching.

What does it take?

You have to be a qualified teacher with necessary degree(s). Expertise and fluency in the subject is a must. A background and reference check along with interviews are the general norms. Commitment to the required time/schedule and an extensive knowledge of or expertise in the subject are expected. Just an experience in home tuitions won’t do.

6. English Trainer

Corporates require spoken English training sessions range from making professional conversations to running a meeting. Trainers are provided with specifics on how to teach each topic and are also trained before starting the job. Lessons take place either over the phone or live on Skype. Office experience is helpful since most students work in a corporate environment.

What does it take?

You must have good spoken English and communication skills, you should have an enthusiastic and be articulate, as well as have an affinity for people. If you're bilingual/multilingual, that's a plus.

7. Recruiter

A freelance recruiter gets hired by businesses to help them find the best possible candidates for open positions in their own organisation. The pay-scale will usually be a percentage of the income earned by the full-time employee that the recruiter places for the company - though, at times, you get a fixed salary. The prime factor is the flexibility to work from anywhere, with no obligation to remain in the same place.

What does it take?

You must have enough recruiting knowledge and on-the-job experience as a recruiter. Since you will be working independently, you must have the ability to deliver what you promise, on your own. A degree in HR is often a prerequisite.

7. Telecalling

This requires resolution of callers’ queries, related to that particular industry, and giving plausible answers. Being a smooth, polite and calm communicator helps. Opt for this only if you can designate a certain suitable time, as this job requires working according to a set schedule. You may be provided training in resolving queries. Good on-the-job performance is mandatory to stay on.

What does it take?

Good communication skills, listening skills, the ability to make a sales pitch, the ability to resolve issues and to be able to work uninterrupted are all plus points.

Besides the jobs listed above, other popular and legitimate work-from-home options include:

  1. Software Developer

  2. Web Developer/UX,UI Designer

  3. Graphic Designer/Web designer

  4. Virtual Assistant

  5. Business Development Executive

  6. Social Media Manager/Digital Marketer

  7. Travel Agents

  8. Translator

  9. Counsellors

  10. Instructional Design Specialist.

The options will keep increasing as more and more companies discover the ease, potential and possibilities in the ‘flex’ format. There are openings for lawyers, chartered accountants, financial analysts, mobile app developers, cooking experts and interior designers as well.

Working from home is a win-win situation that is coming alive, thanks to technology. However, the bottom line is that you need to research the possibilities and develop the skills required for many of these jobs.

So #takecharge and find a suitable job with convenience! You can check out more jobs  here.

All the best and of course, you know it by now, #TakeCharge!



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