Work From Home Insurance Jobs: Best Career Options After 10th For Girls

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Work-from-home insurance jobs can be the best career options after 10th for girls. In this article, you’ll learn all about the best career path after 10th standard.

Millions of young women and girls in India never have the chance to complete their education, and many Indian women have good reasons why they need to start earning money after 10th standard.

For example, you may have got married early and your husband’s family doesn’t want you to work full-time. Or you may not have wanted to continue your studies after 10th for some other reason.

You may be looking for the best option after 10th so you can become financially independent, or may be wondering which stream after 10th class to go into, or even after 10th which job is best.

For whatever reason the traditional list of career options after 10th did not appeal to you, this article will offer some career guidance after 10th for girls and women at home.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that there is no scope after 10th class to start earning money. This is because they are not aware of the many different career options after 10th that can help you start earning from home.

In this article, you’ll learn why becoming a financial consultant is one of the best career options after 10th for girls in India. You’ll also learn all about the many benefits of a career in insurance sales.

Best Course After 10th Class

Here are 5 reasons why a work-from-home insurance job is the best field after 10th standard for girls:

1. No degree or job experience required

In order to do a work-from-home insurance job, you don’t need a degree or any prior work experience. The only educational qualification you’ll require is your 10th pass certificate.

Once you have gone through the free training, you’ll receive the certificate and code to become a financial consultant and be qualified to sell insurance from home. 

If you want to know more about work-from-home insurance jobs after 10th class, you can fill out the online application here and learn more about this career after 10th pass.

You will be asked to complete a test and, once you pass it, you’ll be invited to attend the induction session, free insurance training sessions, and get mentorship, training and guidance every step of the way.

So, if you’ve been searching for job courses after 10th standard, this free life insurance training may be the best job-oriented course after 10th you can do.

Deeparani Hari from Managlore is a SHECO entrepreneur and mom of two kids who signed up to become an IRDAI-verified Financial Consultant as she "wanted to be financially independent and have my own identity in life."

As she realised, this free training will help you learn about the history of Shriram Life Insurance Company (SLIC) and what life insurance plans are available.

You’ll also learn how important it is for a person to have life insurance for future security and how to go about getting life insurance.

This free insurance training could be the best course to take after 10th for women whose goal is to achieve financial independence, as you’ll start earning money as soon as you sell your first insurance policy.

"It's a great opportunity to earn money and create financial awareness and literacy," says Neha Gupta, a 37-year-old mom from Hyderabad who signed up to become a Financial Consultant with Shriram Life Insurance.

Financial Consultant Neha Gupta

2. This work-from-home job is not affected by the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many jobs across multiple industries, and today many people, especially women, prefer work-from-home jobs.

Insurance is a timeless industry that has not been affected by the pandemic. If anything, the demand for life insurance has only increased as people have become aware of the need to secure their family’s future during the pandemic. 

A work-from-home life insurance agent job is the best field to choose after 10th today, as the insurance industry is a robust and resilient employer and you can sell life insurance policies through the phone or on email from home.

“This is the best job ever with no pressure or stress you can work for in your own convenient timings,” says Deeparani Hari, who spends around 2 to 3 hrs a day in her Financial Consultant job.

If you’re keen on a work-from-home job, this may be the best stream to choose after 10th class. So sign up free to become an insurance agent and start your new work-from-home career. 

Financial Consultant Deeparani Hari

3. Earn a passive income as a WFH insurance agent

Another important reason why a work-from-home insurance job is one of the best career options after 10th class is that, once you sell an insurance policy, you will earn a commission every time your client renews the policy.

This is the concept of passive income – the kind of income that you earn even if when are no longer working. After you sell a good number of insurance policies, you can make an excellent passive income to live on, even if you stop working for some reason.  

Insurance sales jobs are one of the few job options after 10th where you can earn a passive income. Many successful financial consultants are able to earn enough income to cover their living expenses once they've sold enough insurance policies.

Best Stream after 10th

4. Only basic English skills are required

Another reason why insurance is the best stream after 10th, is that you only need a basic knowledge of English to complete the free insurance training. Once you have done that, you can sell insurance policies in any language you want.

In fact, your clients may be more comfortable speaking your mother tongue and this can give you an advantage in communicating with them and selling policies to those who speak your regional language.

So if you want career options for 10th pass students that don’t make you feel disadvantaged, because you don’t have a very good knowledge of English, an insurance sales career may be the best career after 10th standard for you. 

Career After 10th

5. Make a difference in people’s lives

Becoming a financial advisor is one of the best jobs to do after 10th class where you can make a real difference in people’s lives and help them remain financially secure when the primary income-earner passes away.

If you want career options after 10th standard where you can help your clients make wise investments and also help them build financial security for themselves and their families, then a work-from-home insurance job is the best career to choose after 10th.

Another reason why selling insurance is one of the best career options after 10th for girls in India is that women make the best financial advisors as they have the empathy and social skills to help people deal with difficult life situations and make the best financial choices for their families.

With this work-from-home opportunity, Shriram Life Insurance has been supporting women in achieving financial independence and helping them build their own identity.

Career Opportunities After 10th

Check out this live chat session with Sarah Sylvia, Manager Segment Solutions, Shriram Life Insurance on the topic, How To Work From Home & Build Identity As A Financial Consultant.

If you want to become financially independent and help others at the same time, complete the free insurance training today and join the Financial Consultant program which helps women grow, become independent, and self-reliant.

Insurance is an exciting profession that more women are entering in every part of India. For more information on becoming a financial consultant, click here to read all the FAQs.

Need online career counselling after 10th or career guidance after 10th class? Post your career questions in the Glow & Lovely Career community where our career counsellor will answer them free.

Best Career Opportunities After 10th


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