Women Of VMware Share Why a Career in Tech Sales Is a Great Choice For Women!

Last updated 20 Mar 2023 . 1 min read

Women Of VMware India Women Of VMware India

Women Of VMware share why a career in tech sales is a great choice for women and how VMware is developing programs to promote diversity in the industry.

As India is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, the demand for a technologically skilled workforce is rising. 

Given that India produces the highest number of women STEM graduates but stands 19th in employment of women, as per the world ranking, we need a strategy to enhance the women's representation in the talent pool for STEM jobs and development programs to ensure that they prosper in these areas.

Thankfully, organizations like VMware are making an effort to bridge this gap by having a healthy mix of men and women in their teams and developing programs to propel diversity in the industry.

#WomenOfVMware is a campaign by VMware that features women from the organization who have had a stellar career in sales.  The campaign features a few women leaders from the organization that are shattering stereotypes and blazing the trail for more women.

And as part of the #WomenOfVMware campaign, VMware and SHEROES have recently collaborated through which a few women leaders participated in a AMA campaign that helped answer questions and demystify a number of aspects around a career in sales.

SHEROES users had several questions for Veena Chandrashekar and Aditi Prabhu. Veena is the Director of Inside Sales Practice at VMware India. She has over 18 years of experience and has driven multi-million-dollar revenue growth while providing visionary sales leadership in highly competitive markets.

And Aditi Prabhu is a Senior Technology Consultant at VMware India and the CTO Ambassador at VMware, the only woman CTO ambassador from the Asia Pacific region.

Aditi began her journey at VMware as an intern and is now a part of the team that works with customers and helps them in their digital transformation journey. Both these women have had stellar and thriving careers in sales.

Do watch their inspiring career journey in these videos that feature them.  Veena Chandrashekar, shares how mentoring helped her navigate those challenging turns in her career, and Aditi Prabhu, shares about her journey from an intern to a leadership position in sales.

In the recent conversation with SHEROES on the sidelines of the campaign, Veena and Aditi delved deeper into what a career in enterprise technology sales meant for them.

Read Veena’s responses here, in which she says, “A big part of technology sales is being a team player, to celebrate and appreciate everything that anyone brings to the team, whether it’s your partners, customers, colleagues at work, or your technical team.”

And Aditi's responses to questions can be accessed , in which she says, “Just like how you build relationships in your personal life, relationship built with customers  must be organic, over time.”

Similarly, an effective salesperson of the modern world needs to possess qualities like relationship-building, attention to detail, and trust, and women are naturally attuned to those qualities.

To conclude, sales is a dynamic career that will be challenging like any other job but rewarding. If you believe you are good at communication, team collaboration, and building a trustworthy, transparent relationship, sales can be an excellent career choice for you.

If you believe you are ready for an exciting career in tech sales, then find out more about open roles at VMware India by visiting the website here.

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