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App Name:


Nimbuzz is a new-generation mobile communication & entertainment platform, designed for the online generation.

Nimbuzz: An Introduction


Following a free of charge, simple download & installation, Nimbuzz empowers users to rethink the way they use their mobile device and discover the full potential of the mobile Internet.

1) Instant Messaging – Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz messaging

2) Free Calls – Nimbuzz (application to application)

3) All in one social community chats – Gtalk and Facebook

4) Social entertainment features – Social Games, Chat Buddies

5) Meet New Friends to enable users to build their social circle

Download Links

1) Mobile

2) PC

3) Mac

4) Tablet


“The main utility of technology is that it seamlessly fits into your life. In other words, you don’t realise its existence and it just supports your lifestyle. Nimbuzz does that for me. It helps me stay connected to my friends & family 24x7.’

Supreet Kaur, Sr. Executive – HR, Kailash Healthcare Limited

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