Why We Love The SHEROES Of NASA?

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

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Now, one might never have heard of the term SHEROES of NASA but team SHEROES was positively elated when we heard a jingle by Grace Potter celebrating them.

While science is considered uncharted terrain for most regular women, NASA is a notch higher when it comes to realising dreams. Despite having star-gazed as children and excitedly told the teacher that we'd want to be astronauts one day, less than 0.001% even steer close to getting there. 

When we heard the song, we were reminded of our younger self, with dreams. Grace Potter aimed at waking that side of so many women across the world to get up and get there. To align ourselves to the path that scared us the most, and the path that needed us the most too.
Watch the song here: Look what we've become
To all our lovely SHEROES who might just abandon their starry dream, we want you to halt, breathe in, and continue that dream.
Because you must tread on the road not taken, that shall make all the difference. 


Raagini Kaushal

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