How Celebs Lose Weight So Fast After Pregnancy?

Last updated 9 Mar 2018 . 9 min read

Updated: March 2018

Pregnancy takes a huge toll on our bodies. Some of the changes we experience during pregnancy can last long after our babies are born and becomes very difficult to manage.

That extra gained weight affects your confidence and can make one feel frustrated.

Childbirth, being one of the most magical natural process of life, should not land anyone at a place where they don't feel happy and confident about their bodies.

Researches state that your pre-baby shape can affect how fast you get your old body back. All examples of extremely fit moms that you see on social media are a perfect example of women who have been fit before and during pregnancy.

Gain More Weight During Pregnancy, Give More Time To Lose

According to Dr. Ross there's no set timetable for losing postpartum weight, and the fact is that the more weight you gain during pregnancy, the longer it will take to lose.

“The most common misconception about weight loss after pregnancy is that the weight should come off more quickly than it does in real time," says Dr. Ross. "I tell my patients that it takes nine months to go through the pregnancy process, so allow yourself nine months during the postpartum period to have your body return to normal."

Celebrities Don't Stop Workout During Pregnancy

Your post baby diet along with your fitness affects how your body bounces back after delivery. As studies say, women who exercise before and during pregnancy have a higher tendency of being back to their pre-pregnant shape. If you already have a low fat to muscle percentage before pregnancy then the chances are higher that your body returns being the way it was.

When the body is accustomed to any kind of fitness routine, keeping active through a pregnancy helps the muscles retain memory and therefore bouncing back post-delivery is much easier and takes a lesser amount of time.

Celebrities Follow Strict Diet Plan

Since your body needs rest and nutrition to recover from delivery, fight off infection and feed your baby, one shouldn’t be thinking about dieting until 6 weeks as the body needs that time for recovery.

Once you’re ready to start cutting out on you diet, make sure you’re still eating enough. Consuming too little calories will affect the amount of milk your body produces. And so does burning fat too quickly. It may lead to release of toxins in the breast milk. 

Your calorie needs during breast feeding are greater during the first six months. Breastfeeding women require an extra 500 calories to maintain their current weight. Your food intake should provide you with sufficient nutrients to maintain a healthy state.

Here is how you should prepare pregnancy diet.

Workout Varies Before, During and After Pregnancy

One of the most important factors being excercise. Maintaining a degree of muscle strength and fitness before and during pregnancy helps the body to reduce in size soon after birth as the muscle memory sets you back on track.

Exercising during pregnancy helps to return your pre baby body shape back quickly due to maintaining lean muscle within a few months. So don't worry Mamas! Stay active during your pregnancy and you will be fitting back in your pre baby clothes.

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