Why La La Land Deserves The Best Film Oscar

Last updated 10 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

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With a record-tying 14 nominations, La La Land looks promising enough to break the records at the 89th Academy Awards. On February 26th, we will know whether it repeated its magic from the Golden Globes. The film has all the ingredients to snatch the Golden Oscar. It has a beautiful story full of romance and comedy, tight screenplay, a hot and popular Hollywood pair as the main leads, soul touching music and beautiful cinematography. 

La La Land is a musical love story set in Los Angeles. The plot revolves around two struggling creative artists. Mia (Emma Stone) and jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) collide with each other when they’re on the verge of losing hope in their respective careers. But over the course of a few meetings, they come close and their lives and careers get intertwined.

Life lessons from the film

As we move forward in life, trying to establish an identity of our own, we meet people who inspire and motivate us not to lose hope. The scenes are relatable to a real-life scenario where the path to fame is not that easy. Be it music or acting in theatre, a lot of hard work and inspiration goes behind the success of the artists. Chasing our dreams can cause hardships to our near and dear ones. 

Mia and Sebastian become the pillars of support in each other’s personal and professional growth and face their fair share of the usual relationship conflicts. The ending of the movie reminds us that real life doesn't take the usual route as in movies.

The music in the musical

The musical score compliments the cinematography and the well written scenes. I loved ‘City of Stars’ when it got launched. Though I’m not a Jazz music expert, the soothing piano notes carry you away into the theatrical world to feel their romance, make you tap to their dance beats and tug at your heart strings along with their pain. Combined with the brilliant acting of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the movie allows you to experience a dreamy journey on its own. 


The excitement

As Sebastian says in the film, "This is the dream. It’s a conflict and it’s a compromise and it’s very, very exciting."

Well, it’s going to be exciting for us viewers too, at the Oscars.

Written by Archana KB


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